Elizabeth is a wonderful 7 year old girl. This page consists of pictures of her, from the beginning to now. I hope you enjoy them! (You may want to adjust the contrast and brightness on your screen... though I used "state of the art" equipment to scan these in, the end result depends on how your monitor is set.)

This is Elizabeth at the ripe old age of 10 minutes.

Click here for a picture of Elizabeth at the Michigan League Fountain (summer '97)

Here's a picture of Elizabeth in her dinosaur raincoat

Click here for a picture of Elizabeth eating lunch! (ca. early 1997)

Here are a sleepy Elizabeth and her dad (fall '96)

Click here for a picture of Elizabeth and her bunnies (winter'96-'97)

Click here for a picture of Elizabeth and her favorite book (Spring '97)

Happy Halloween '97 from Elizabeth and the "Mod" Mad Hatter!

Elizabeth and her pal, Duke (summer '97)

Elizabeth getting Curious George ready to watch Bill Clinton's inauguration

Elizabeth (spring of 1997, when she had a broken leg) finds the ATM card in daddy's wallet!

Elizabeth on the loose!!! (Spring '97)

Breakfast time (ca. '97)

Elizabeth, caught when she was helping her dad, grandma, and some friends make Christmas ornaments (Dec. '97)

Elizabeth with a REAL dinosaur (Spring Break '98)

Elizabeth takes her Dalmation for a walk. It was cold, so she had to put the Dalmation in some warm clothes! (Spring '98)

August, 1998 - a day at the beach.

Halloween, 1998: Elizabeth in her princess outfit.


Taking a break from hairwashing to hug her fish. (Dec. '98)

Off to see the Wizard - Elizabeth and friends visit the Michigan Theater, late December 1998.

Elizabeth eats apples at her dad's... April '99.

Elizabeth with two of her favorite kinds of critters. The kitty is named Cinnamon (summer '99).

Face painting at Huron River Day, July '99.

Posing for the camera at the "Cedar Point" that visited Pioneer High School (July '99).

Relaxing with some cotton candy.

Getting rained on at the Top of the Park outdoor festival...

...and drying out under a tent.

'Painting' with water on the mirror at her dad's, July '99.

"Elizabeth on the loose - Part 2"

Sledding fun, late February 2000 (photo by Christie)

Elizabeth and her cousins, Spring 2000.

Here is Elizabeth with a silly smile, Summer 2000.

Drawings by Elizabeth of a kitty and a dog (ca. summer of 2000).

A school of purple fish! (Fall 2000).

Elizabeth had two cats for a while. This was Sylvester. He liked to have a soft toy truck on top of him with its motor running.

And this is Elizabeth with Sydney (Christmas 2000). She has a new cat named Sydney - photos to come soon (Spring 2002).

Shopping for cider at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market, Dec. 2000. Elizabeth has a big piece of bubble gum in her mouth!

Elizabeth and her dad visit Belle Isle Aquarium, and see the terrifying Alligator Fish! (Photo by Wendy C. - Winter 2001)

Getting picked up by dad at Mrs. V's class, winter 2001.

Here is a photo by Elizabeth of Mussop, Biscuit, Roxie, and Kanga in her dad's new dining room. (Winter 2001)

Here is a self-portrait of Elizabeth with her kittens (note - her mom later gave them away) (Winter 2001)

Getting ready for bedtime, summer 2001

Giving Scooter a ride on the tire swing at the Longs' - summer 2001

Easter 2002: Elizabeth and Amanda, the Egg Girls. Also, the attack of the fingernail monster!

Elizabeth shares a "secret" with Amanda - and, drawing while Scooter looks on.

Sandie and Stephen visit - Elizabeth is wearing the Poodle Skirt that Sandie made for her (and so is American Girl doll Kit!), which she wore to the Eberwhite School Sock Hop, Winter 2002. Also, flashing a toothey (toothless?) grin while Scooter takes a nap.

Reading a chapter book to Scooter (March, 2002).

Three Animals, Parading on Roller Skates (Winter 2002).

Elizabeth poses with Sydney, Scooter, Jessie and One-Foot (hiding behind Sydney) (May, 2003)

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I will be adding to them whenever I get another good one, so check back again when you get a chance. You can email me at: franku@umich.edu