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EDUC 222: Videogames & Learning

EDUC 222: Videogames & Learning

Winter Term (ongoing)

Prerequisites: None

Counts for LSA credit AND Social Sciences distribution

Intended for: ALL undergraduates

Grab the most current syllabus from the web site: http://www.umich.edu/~fishman/games/

Why are videogames fun? The answer isn’t as obvious as you might think. Good games draw you in, teach you how to succeed, and keep you engaged with a “just right” level of challenge. Most importantly, players learn while playing a well-designed game. Why isn’t school like that? This class takes a close look at videogames, a hard look at education, and considers ways that each can be improved to maximize learning and performance.


What role does technology play in high-performance learning and teaching environments? What are the most common mistakes schools, parents, and communities make when integrating technology into learning and teaching? How does policy at the federal, state, local, and institutional level affect what is possible with technology? We will explore the answers to these questions in this class as we examine ways technology has been used successfully (and not so successfully) in a variety of educational contexts. Students are encouraged to develop critical perspectives about the uses of technology for learning and teaching.

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This is the graduate version of the videogames and learning course, where we dig deep into topics of design, motivation, learning, and assessment. And we have a pretty good time doing so.

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ED779 - Technology and Teacher Learning

This course is not regularly offered. Click on name of course or on the PDF icon to download the syllabus from Spring 2003.

ED758 - Leadership, Learning Organizations and Technology

This course is not regularly offered. Click on name of course or on the PDF icon to download the syllabus from Winter 2006.

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