Barry Fishman

Associate Professor of Learning Technologies


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Associate Professor, Learning Technologies and Educational Studies, School of Education and School of Information University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

Ph.D., 1996, Northwestern University
Education & Social Policy—Learning Sciences. Advisors: Louis Gomez & Roy Pea.

M.S., 1992, Indiana University
Instructional Systems Technology. Advisor: Thomas Duffy.

A.B., 1989, Magna cum laude, Brown University
Honors English and American Literature. Advisor: George P. Landow.


  • Council of Great City Schools Urban Impact Award (for LeTUS collaboration between Detroit and hi-ce), 2004.
  • Evan and Helen Geib Pattishall Junior Faculty Research Award, University of Michigan, 2003.
  • Jan Hawkins Award for Early Career Contributions to Humanistic Research and Scholarship in Learning Technologies, 2001.
  • Computerworld/Smithsonian Laureate (as part of hi-ce), 2000.
  • Constance Dorothea Weinman Scholarship for Educational Technology, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991
  • Phi Beta Kappa, 1989
  • Ratcliffe-Hicks Award for Outstanding Work in English Literature, Brown University, 1989


Refereed Journal Articles

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Fishman, B., & Duffy, T. (1992). Classroom restructuring: What do teachers really need? Educational Technology Research and Development, 40(3), 95-111.

Book Chapters

Fishman, B. (in press). Fostering community knowledge sharing using ubiquitous records of practice. In R. Goldman, R. D. Pea, B. Barron & S. J. Derry (Eds.), Video research in the Learning Sciences. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

Fishman, B., & Davis, E. A. (2006). Teacher learning research and the learning sciences. In R. K. Sawyer (Ed.), The Cambridge handbook of the learning sciences (pp. 535-550). New York: Cambridge University Press.

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Keynote Addresses

Fishman, B. (2006, February). Leadership for Learning: Opportunities for and Barriers to Successful Reform Using Technology.  Keynote address to the Hong Kong International Technology in Education Conference, Hong Kong SAR.

Fishman, B. (2003, February). Handheld learning technologies: Usable, scalable, and sustainable.  Keynote address to the Anyplace Anywhere Learning Conference, Wayne County ISD, MI.

Fishman, B. (2003, April). Research amidst systemic reform: Studying teacher learning from professional development. Keynote address to the Third Annual Instructional Systems Technology Conference. School of Education, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.

Honorary Addresses

Fishman, B. (2003, October).  Research amid reform: Teacher learning, leadership, and innovation usability.  Evan and Helen Geib Pattishall Lecture to the University of Michigan School of Education, Ann Arbor, MI.

Fishman, B. (2002, April). Linking the Learning Sciences to systemic reform: Teacher learning, leadership, and technology. Invited address to the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association in honor of Jan Hawkins. New Orleans, LA.

Invited Addresses

Invited to speak at the following universities, research institutions, and conferences:

  • Singapore Ministry of Education (2006, May)
  • National Institute of Education, Singapore (2006, May)
  • University of Hong Kong (2006, February)
  • SRI International (2005, March)
  • The Pennsylvania State University School of Education (2005, January)
  • University of Illinois at Chicago School of Education (2004, January)
  • Center for the Study of Learning, Instruction, & Teacher Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago (2004, January)
  • University of Utah School of Education (2003, February)
  • National Science Foundation Urban Systemic Programs PI Meeting, Washington, DC (2003, November)
  • Conference on Conceptualizing Scale-Up, Washington, DC (2003, November)
  • Grantmakers for Education Conference in Seattle, WA (2001, October)


"The Impact of Online Professional Development: An Experimental Study of Professional Development Modalities Linked to Curriculum," $2,387,668.
    National Science Foundation, Teacher Professional Continuum Program. Principal Investigator. 7/01/05-6/30/10.

"Teacher Knowledge, Beliefs, and Technology: Constructing Models of Change in Systemic Reform," $499,543.
    National Science Foundation CAREER Program.  Principal Investigator. 9/1/99-8/31/05.

"The Administrators' Reform Community: Phase II," $96,253.
    The Joyce Foundation.  A collaboration with Northwestern University, Detroit Public Schools, Chicago Public Schools, Milwaukee Public Schools, Cleveland Public Schools, and Union City Public Schools. Co-Principal Investigator with Louis Gomez of Northwestern University. 9/1/01-8/31/03.

"Knowledge Networks on the Web (KNOW)," $399,763.
    W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Co-principal Investigator, with Ron Marx. 4/1/99-8/31/03.

"Hewlett-Packard/hi-ce Professional Development Initiative," $307,653
    The Hewlett-Packard Corporation. Co-Principal Investigator with Ron Marx. 8/1/02-7/31/03.

"Innovation Exchange: Exploring the Portability of Systemic Reform," $100,936.
    National Science Foundation.  Planning grant in the IERI program.  A collaboration of the Center for Children and Technology, Union City Schools, NJ, Detroit Public Schools, and the University of Michigan. Co-Principal Investigator with Margaret Honey of CCT. 6/1/01-6/1/03.

"On-Line Teacher Professional Development Modules," $50,000
    Michigan Virtual University.  A project to develop five 20-hour online courses for teachers to learn about inquiry-based science. Co-Principal Investigator with Ron Marx. 4/1/02-12/31/02.

"Expanding the Primary Sources Network," $3,986,978.
    OERI/Department of Education as a subcontract to the Melvindale School District. Co-Principal Investigator with Bob Bain, Phyllis Blumenfeld, Joe Krajcik, Ron Marx, and Elliot Soloway. 3/1/99-9/30/02.

"Building Capacity Among Junior Researchers in the Learning Sciences: A Request for Special Program Support for the International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2000," $60,400.  National Science Foundation.  Co-Principal Investigator with Nancy Songer. 9/1/02–8/31/02.

"Reality-Based Learning: A Challenge for the 21st Century," $5,400,000.
    U.S. Department of Education "Challenge Grant." Proposal Co-Author and Project Director. 9/1/96-8/31/01.

"Administrators' Reform Community (ARC)", $288,417
    Joyce Foundation. Co-Principal Investigator. 9/1/99-8/31/00.

"Connecting Detroit Teachers to the Internet with AOL", $12,000.
    America On-Line (AOL) Foundation.  Principal Investigator. 9/1/99-8/31/00.

"Investigating the Relationship Between Teacher Knowledge and Beliefs and the Classroom Use of Technology," $7,000. Rackham Graduate School of the University of Michigan. Principal Investigator. 5/1/99-8/31/99.

"Proposal for Special Program Support for CSCL '97," $48,000.
    National Science Foundation. Co-Principal Investigator with Tim Koschmann (Southern Illinois University), Jan Hawkins (Education Development Center), and Lorilee Sadler (DePaul University). 9/1/97-8/31/98.

"Expanding and Sustaining Project-Enhanced Science Learning for Urban Teachers and Students Using Collaborative Technology," $158,119.  Illinois State Board of Education. Co-Principal Investigator with Louis Gomez and Eileen Lento. 1/7/97-9/30/97.


2005-present: Associate Editor, The Journal of the Learning Sciences.

2005-present: Editorial Board Member, Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning.

1998-2006: Editorial Board Member, Interactive Learning Environments.

2000-2005: Review Board Member, Journal of the Learning Sciences.

1996-1998: Co-Executive Editor, Interactive Learning Environments.


1997-2004: Assistant Professor, Learning Technologies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

1996-1997: Research Scientist, Assistant Professor, School of Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

Fall 1994-1997: CoVis Project Manager, School of Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

1990-1992: Instructional Design Assistant, Indiana University School of Business.

1989-1990: Associate Producer, Financial News Network, New York.

1985-1992: Associate Director of Programming, The Exploration School at Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA.

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