News and Announcements Archive:
(Oct 2015) Evgueni attends the Society of Engineering Science 52nd Annual Technical Meeting, at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. Evgueni presented two lectures, and one poster at the conference.
(Oct 2015) Evgueni gives Seismic Design Lecture. The lecture to the UIUC EERI Student Chapter discussed fundamentals of structural dynamics and seismic analysis and prepared undergraduate students for the seismic design competition.
(Sept 2015) Evgueni gives Origami lecture at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech. The invited lecture entitled "Origami Tube Structures with Reconfigurable Geometry and Tunable Stiffness" discussed recent research on zipper-tubes as well as practical applications and future research for origami.
(March 2015) Evgueni presents at American Physical Society March Meeting 2015 in San Antonio, TX. The conference presentation showed recent results on analytical methods for origami and coupled Miura-ori origami tubes.
(Aug 2014) Evgueni presents at the 6th International Meeting on Origami in Science, Mathematics and Education (6OSME) in Tokyo, Japan. The presentation discussed new ideas on analysis and optimization of origami using a simplified bar and hinge model.
(Aug 2014) Evgueni returns from NSF GROW program in Japan. As part of the NSF GRFP, NSF GROW, and JSPS Fellowships, Evgueni spent six months as a visiting scholar at Prof T. Tachi's Origami Lab in the University of Tokyo.
(2013) Story about Evgueni Published in UIUC CEE magazine. The story (pg. 14) discusses Evgueni's master's research and fellowships that he received from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at UIUC.
(Fall 2013) Evgueni teaches CEE 360 Structural Engineering Class. As the lead instructor of the junior level class of 112 students, Evgueni taught on topics of structural theory, analysis, and design. See course info.
(May 2013) Evgueni presents at the World Congress on Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization in Orlando, FL. The conference presentation showed new multiresolution polygonal elements that can use intermediate densities for more efficient topology optimization.
(Aug 2013) Evgueni presents at the Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) conference in Evanston, IL. The presentation discussed new research on topology optimization for structural dynamics that uses multiresolution polygonal elements.
(April 2013) Evgueni awarded Mavis (MF3) Fellowship for a second time. The Mavis fellowship involves a thorough training program for students that have potential to make significant contributions to engineering research, education, and service.