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Graduate Students

Steven Woodruff

Current Program: PhD in Civil Engineering

Steven graduated from Tufts University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. His graduate research is focused on modeling the geometry and structural behavior of deployable, curved-fold structures inspired by origami. His long-term goal is to implement analytical methods for this unique flavor of structures in order to gain a greater understanding of their anisotropic and geometry-dependent stiffness properties in the context of large-scale, civil structures. Personal Website.
Zhongyuan Wo

Current Program: PhD in Civil Engineering

Zhongyuan received a Bachelor degree (with top honors) in Civil Engineering from Tsinghua University, China. His graduate research is focused on exploring local behaviors of thin-walled cellular origami structures. The work is studying how the self-restricting nature of thin sheets can be harnessed to create reconfiguring structures with unique physical properties. Personal Website.

Undergraduate Students

Maria Redoutey

Current Program: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Maria Redoutey is a senior at the University of Michigan studying civil engineering. She joined the group as a research assistant through the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program. Her research is focused on bistable origami, particularly the hyperbolic paraboloid pattern. Her research interests include deployable and multistable structures as well as the intersection of civil engineering and sustainability.
Ella Yazbeck

Current Program: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Ella is a junior in the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Michigan. She became involved in research through the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program. Ella is researching novel geometries for creating cellular, deployable arch structures using curved folding methods. She is interested in discovering creative approaches for sustainable building or for retrofitting structures in the future.

Former Members

Myo Thu Ya Aung

Current Program: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (UCLA)

Myo Thu Ya joined the group through the Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) at the University of Michigan in the summer of 2017. His research was focused on creating Origami-inspired rapidly deployable structures with multiple compartments.

Currently: Myo Thu Ya Aung is pursuing his bachelor’s in Civil Engineering at UCLA and hopes to study Construction Management. In the future he hopes to develop skills to build a construction company in Myanmar that would build affordable housing and public transportation systems. Previously he has participated in Space Weather research and a NASA Space Weather forecasting internship.
Shumeng Yang

Current Program: Master of Science in Engineering in Civil Engineering (Structural)

Shumeng graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in May 2016. He joined The University of Michigan in August 2016 as a Master student of Structural Engineering. His current research is on coupled thermo-mechanical analysis of origami structures by using the Finite Element Method. He is also interested in active vibration isolation systems and Finite Element Analysis.


Our group is always looking for talented students and researchers.

Graduate Students : Please apply for graduate admission to the University of Michigan CEE program here. For detailed discussion on our research see the research page or contact Prof. Filipov.

Undergraduate Students: During the school year there are undergraduate research opportunities through the UROP program or through independent study. For Summer Research Projects consider applying to the SURE/SROP programs - see CEE Project 11.