Our group is currently looking for talented students and researchers.

Graduate Students
Please apply for graduate admission to the University of Michigan CEE program here. For detailed discussion on our research see the research page.

Research projects anticipated to start in the Summer/Fall 2017:

  • Multi-physical modelling and simulation of deployable and reconfigurable structures.
  • Using multi-stable reconfiguration for civil engineering applications.
  • Integrated manufacturing techniques for deployable structures.

Undergraduate Students
There are numerous opportunities for undergraduate research with our group. Please contact Prof. Filipov for more information about possible projects. Currently, you can apply for undergraduate research through the following programs:

  • SURE/SROP - Summer Research - please see CEE Project 11: Design, manufacturing and evaluation of deployable arches.
  • Research positions are available as Independent Study credit (CEE 490 – apply by Jan. 20) or as a paid hourly position for the Winter, Summer, and Fall terms of 2017. Projects will involve design and fabrication of origami inspired structures that can fold and reconfigure. Students will perform structural analysis to evaluate and optimize the stiffness of deployable structures such as arches and bridges. Mechanical cutters and 3D printers will be used to fabricate scaled prototypes. To apply email Prof. Filipov at with your CV and Unofficial Transcript.