News and Announcements:
PNAS Figure Research on coupled origami tubes published at PNAS. The new "zipper-coupled" origami tubes have one flexible mode through which they can deploy, yet they are substantially stiffer for other types of bending and twisting deformations. These unique mechanical properties could lead to applications of varying scale from architectural canopies (left) to metamaterials (right).       View details, animations and media coverage.
(Sept. 2018) Prof. Filipov selected to participate in a U.S. National Academy of Sciences Frontiers Symposium. This sixth annual Arab-American Frontiers of Science, Engineering, and Medicine Symposium will be hosted in the Kuwait National Library (November 4-6) to discuss leading scientific advances on a wide range of topics. See detailed story here.
(Aug. 2018) Welcome Maria and Yi!!! Yi Zhu (B.S. Tongji University, M.S. U.C. Berkeley) and Maria Redoutey (B.S. U. Michigan) have joined the Deployable and Reconfigurable Structures Lab as Ph.D. students.
(July 2018) Prof. Filipov wins the 2018 DARPA Young Faculty Award. This Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) project will explore micro-scale origami-inspired systems that can self-assemble, reconfigure, and adapt for new functions. See detailed story here.
(July 2018) Group member Zhongyuan Wo was selected to participate in the Student Poster Competition of the World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM). The poster entitled "Geometric Implications for Stress Concentration in Miura Origami," explores how the geometry plays a fundamental role in the distribution of stresses in such engineering systems.
(March 2018) Steven's paper selected as one of four finalists for the ASCE E&S Conference Student Paper Competition. Our paper entitled "Structural Analysis of Curved Folded Deployables" was presented at the 2018 ASCE Earth and Space Conference April 9-12, in Cleveland, OH.
(April 2018) Research group member Steven Woodruff awarded the National Science Foundation GRFP Fellowship!!! The fellowship will support Steven's novel PhD research on the analysis of curved crease deployable structures. Read the CEE UMich News Story about this accomplishment.