News and Announcements:
PNAS Figure Research on coupled origami tubes published at PNAS. The new "zipper-coupled" origami tubes have one flexible mode through which they can deploy, yet they are substantially stiffer for other types of bending and twisting deformations. These unique mechanical properties could lead to applications of varying scale from architectural canopies (left) to metamaterials (right).       View details, animations and media coverage.
(Jan 2017) Prof. Filipov has started at the CEE Department of the University of Michigan . He will be teaching the Structural Dynamics course in the 2017 Winter term. His is continuing research on deployable and reconfigurable structures and is accepting applications for his research group.
(Nov 2016) Dr. Filipov gives the SEG Graduate Student Seminar in the CEE Department at Stanford University. The lecture entitled "Using Origami for Deployable Structures and Adaptable Metamaterials" discussed recent research on deployable zipper and polygonal origami tube structures.
(Mar 2016) The zipper coupled origami tube research was selected by the National Academy of Sciences to receive the 2015 Cozzarelli Prize!!! The paper won the category of "Engineering and Applied Sciences", and is one of six in PNAS to receive this distinction for 2015. The prize is awarded for outstanding scientific excellence and originality. Official news release, and paper details and media coverage.
(Jan 2016) Paper on origami tubes with polygonal cross-sections published at PRS-A. The tubes can be constructed to follow a non-linear curved line when deployed, and their cross-sections can be reconfigured locally. These tubes have tunable geometries and mechanical characteristics and can lead to applications from piping systems to micro-robotics. See the details and news coverage.
(Nov 2015) Evgueni presents invited lecture at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) Materials and Manufacturing Theme Seminar, Urbana, IL. See the abstract and watch video recording of the full talk.
(Nov 2015) PNAS article on zipper-coupled origami tubes continues to attract news. New stories appear in ASCE's Civil Engineering magazine, Georgia Tech Research Horizons Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. See all news stories here.