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The University of Michigan Library's Turkish collection contains materials in Turkish, Ottoman Turkish, and various Turkic languages. The collection also includes titles about Türkiye and Turks in English, and other western languages.
Our collection covers the geographic area made up by Türkiye, Southeastern Europe and the Balkan Peninsula, the Aegean Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa, the Caucasus, the Volga-Ural Region (Russia), the Crimea (Ukraine), South Siberia (Russia), Central Asia and Xinjiang (China).

Turkish collection is primarily housed in the Hatcher Graduate Library, but can be found in other libraries on campus: the Fine Arts Library, the Clements Library, the Askwith Media Library, the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library, the Law Library, and Buhr Shelving Facility.

Some Turkish and Turkic reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, etc.) are located in room 110 of the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library, but many can be found in the general stacks of the Graduate Library. Some reference titles related to Türkiye and Turks can also be found in the Documents Center. The Map Library includes many unique items relating to the geographic area. The Special Collections Library holds part of the personal library of Sultan Abdulhamid the Second (34th Ottoman Sultan who reigned from 1876 to 1909) , with more than 500 books and manuscripts.

The materials in above mentioned libraries can be located through the library catalog of the University of Michigan, The new version of MIRLYN. Access to indexes and article databases is available through a Go to Find Articles link within the system.

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Traditional Turkish shadow play

Turkish (Türkçe):
Our modern Turkish collection has more than 35,000 volumes and is especially strong in the subject categories of history, politics and government, literature and language, dictionaries and reference works, economics, folklore, sociology, and fine arts.
The materials in the collection are monographs, periodicals, newspapers, maps, microforms, audio and video tapes, VCDs, DVDs, CDs, and CD-ROMs.  

Ottoman Turkish (Osmanlıca or Eski Türkçe):
The Ottoman Turkish collection contains about 1,500 printed volumes, including several of the earliest printed books, and a large collection of Ottoman salnames in both original printed format and on microform. The collection also includes newspapers & magazines on microform, manuscripts, and maps.

Turkic Languages (Türki diller):

Turkic collection includes more than 5000 volumes in Azerbaijani, Turkmen, Uzbek, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Kazan Tatar, Crimean Tatar, Uighur, Yakut, etc. languages (in Cyrillic, Arabic, and Roman scripts). Newspapers in printed format or on microform, periodicals, audio and video tapes are also available in the collection.


Traditional Turkish needlework

The Ottoman Empire: Boundary Transformations in Space and Time


The Emergence of the Republic of Turkey:  From the Treaty of Sevres to the Treaty of Lausanne

A Case Study using Maps and Timelines

Türkiye presentation

Türkçe konuşma toplantısına buyrun!


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Sixteenth century Turkish tiles with carnation and tulip designs

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