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By John Feliks

A Lot of Gold in the Mix: Review of Fragment from a Nonfiction Reader

As a person more interested in what inspires or fascinates on a deep level than in what simply entertains,
tn_fragment_poster_warren08x.jpgI can safely say that Warren Fahy’s debut science thriller, Fragment, offers a lot of gold in its undeniably dynamic mix. Make no mistake, Fragment is an unpredictable and wild ride for sure;tn_hi_comps01.jpg yet, somehow, out of all of this, comes not only many delightful moments that will stick with you long after reading the book, but also one of the most elusive and subtle emotions one can experience, that of feeling touched.

        One character in Fragment is certain to join the ranks of those fictional characters who are able to inspire us, a fully unanticipated hero, 
determined to overcome seemingly insurmountable barriers of survival, language, culture, and even prejudice, to enable the preservation of a species. 

        In conclusion, while Fragment is full of excitement and danger, technology and science, my main pleasure is in the more subtle and thought-provoking places to which Fahy is able to take his readers. Fahy is a gifted writer and theorist who can tell a superbly-imagined story that grows in depth as one ponders it. In my opinion, this is where the best science and imagination meet, and this is how Fragment makes me almost want to start reading fiction! – John Feliks

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