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tn_tower-of-babel-feliks1991.gifEARLY SONGS & INSTRUMENTALS by John Feliks

    1971-2001. Here are some early songs and instrumental pieces which I've written and recorded over the years. It is only a selection.
Other songs from this early time will be posted later on. They are all home-recordings and are offered here for whatever qualities one might find in them and for whatever reasons one might enjoy them. Except for the MIDI piano pieces and Marble Palace, most represent straight-through takes recorded on my simple Airline 2-track reel-to-reel. One important clarification is that these are primarily 'guitar songs' where I was usually experimenting with techniques or acrobatics (e.g., Autumn Exodus, Tower of Babel, The Storm, Reading What the Sky Says, Gotta Find You Out). Lyrics were never quite my forte and I didn't usually spend a lot of time on them which is why they often have an unusual quality (e.g., Pretty Lente, Born in the Morning); they were often added so as just to have something to sing while playing the guitar parts (e.g., Born in the Morning, which is actually a classical guitar composition inspired by J.S. Bach's Allegro from Prelude, Fugue, and Allegro in Eb Major for Lute and Prelude in C Major from The Well-Tempered Clavier)My music work the past ten years also includes many songs and instrumentals most of which are being written with hopeful stage productions in mind; they are not included here. Where indicated, clicking on the links below will bring up info boxes for the songs while also playing the mp3's. The info boxes include what inspired the songs as well as technical details such as how they were written, played or recorded. SCAN: Page 8 from the original Tower of Babel handwritten score for three classical guitars.
1. Discovery in the Minimal Zone
©2001 (2:15) tn_john-feliks_at-a-Gramma-reunion_h90.gif Detroit, c. 1996 piano 4-hands (composed on guitar) instrumental
2. The Cycles of Siluria (aka, Day-Night Cycle)
©2001 (2:48)
piano & synthesizer (composed on guitar) instrumental
3. Autumn Exodus ©1992 (3:20)
classical guitar piece, MIDI piano version instrumental
4. Tower of Babel ©1991 (4:12)
3 classical guitars, 2 voices environmental song
5. Marble Palace
©1988 (4:17) tn_john-feliks_arkansas-c1988_h90.gif War Eagle, Arkansas, c. 1988 classical guitar, bass, vocals love song
6. Men Dream ©1984 (2:06)
guitar, synthesizers, voice life change song
7. Spirit Island (near bottom of external page) ©1981, 1982 (2:13) Poetry, Pietro DiGiorgio; Guitar, John Feliks classical guitar & poetry environmental theme
8. Caress of Change ©1981, 1982 (3:02) Poetry, Pietro DiGiorgio; Guitar, John Feliks classical guitar & poetry environmental theme
9. Dawn of Purity (external page) ©1981, 1982 (1:48) Poetry, Pietro DiGiorgio; Guitar, John Feliks steel-string guitar & poetry environmental theme
10. Eye of a Hurricane (click link for story of this Tullish song)
©1981, 1982 (2:42) tn_john-feliks_kentucky1981_h90.jpg Kentucky, 1981 2 acoustic guitars, 2 voices hard acoustic song
11. I Know Ya From Someplace (click link for story) ©1979, 1982 (3:17)
classical guitar & 2 voices love song
12. The Storm ©1978, 1980 (4:07)
live classical guitar & voice guitar acrobatics
13. Pretty Lente ©1971, 1973 (3:27)
2 acoustic guitars, 2 voices love song
14. Reading What the Sky Says ©1981 (2:56)
2 guitars, 2 voices mystical song in 5/4
15. 4-Note Canon/Piano Solo 1 ©1977, 2001 (2:48)
2 guitar solos transcribed for piano instrumental
16. Born in the Morning
©1975, 1977 (2:40) tn_john-feliks_austin-texas-central-park_may1974_edge-clean_h90.jpg Austin, Texas, Central Park, May 1974 classical guitar & voice as played live Bach-inspired
guitar piece,
this version w/lyrics


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