Session 7: December 17, 2000


Wendi Strang-Frost as GM
Lisamarie Babik as Lulu Le Beau
Kevin Collins as Baby Dewey AKA Rommel
Kris Fazzari as Claire AKA Sylvia Van Horn née Darby AKA "Static"
Sean Frost as T.M. Smith, AKA "Mr. Lucky"
Andy Prill as Dirk Steel
George Rabick as Tom A. Stockton
Matthew Richardson as Naomi Reed Kline


Ned Macabee, Lulu Le Beau's lawyer
Basil Merriwether, field scientist for the CDC


"(Naomi) believes in disarmament." -- Matthew to the group, after Naomi accidentally blows T.M.'s arm off

"Is (T.M.) OK?" -- Naomi
"No pulse yet, Ma'am." -- counselor
"Yes, I know, but is he OK?" -- Naomi

"(Dirk's) the amazingly fast dead guy!" -- Lisamarie
"Actually, any dead guy that's moving is an amazingly fast dead guy." -- Kevin

"I'm resting in pieces." -- T.M. to the group

"Can we not do any more of the anger management sessions? I find them rather frustrating." -- Naomi to Basil

"This isn't the blow-your-arm-off blast, it's the other blast. But it's probably not going to work." -- Naomi
"OK, what are you thinking when you do this?" -- GM
"That this isn't going to work." -- Sean

"I rip off the nearest tire and throw it at (Static)." -- Dirk to GM
"Unfortunately, the nearest tire was on your car." -- Kevin

"I ask for so little." -- Baby Dewey
"Warm washcloths and clean nappies." -- GM

"You're a monster!" -- Baby Dewey
"I'm a lawyer." -- Ned

"Oh my God, your heart's beating again." -- GM to T.M.
"Lucky bastard!" -- Dirk, the guy who never has a heartbeat

"I wonder if I do (Dirk) injury if he'll wake up?" -- Naomi to GM

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