Session 5: July 29, 2000


Wendi Strang-Frost as GM
Lisamarie Babik as Lulu Le Beau
Kris Fazzari as Claire AKA Sylvia Darby AKA "Static"
Sean Frost as T.M. Smith, AKA "Mr. Lucky"
Andy Prill as Dirk Steel
Matthew Richardson as Naomi Reed Kline
Dave Schoen as "The Purple Avenger"
Steve Sikora as Sir/Dr. Alec Neville-Smythe
Matt Spielman as Agent Jonathan Mitchel Smith
Joe Olson as the peanut gallery


Jeeves, Dirk Steel's parents' butler
Jimmy McCormick, FBI intern


"(Alec) can hypnotize people?" -- Sean
"Of course. (He's) a psychiatrist." -- Steve

"Even Dirk must understand the social unacceptibility of death!" -- Matthew R. to the group

"I forgot. I don't breathe, do I?" -- Dirk to GM

"(The men who took the Purple Avenger away) said something about a center." -- Jimmy to Agent Smith
"That would be somewhere near the middle." -- Dave

"I'd like to ask you a couple of questions about a former patient of yours." -- Agent Smith
"That's confidential." -- Alec
"They're official questions." -- Agent Smith, helpfully

"Any last words?" -- executioner
"Let me go!" -- Lulu

"So (Agent Smith) was at the urinal terminal?" -- Andy to Matt S.
"I don't want to know how you log in from that one." -- Lisamarie

"I've got to go out and fight evil, instead of sitting here like some big guy who...sits a lot." -- The Purple Avenger to Alec

"(The Purple Avenger's) standing there doing something like the pee-pee dance, only it's the 'I've gotta fight evil' dance." -- Dave to the group

"Doc, I'm going crazy!" -- The Purple Avenger to Alec
"Going?" -- everybody else

"You forget, you have amnesia." -- GM to Claire

"No one lived except for me and Static?" -- The Purple Avenger
"Well, Static anyway." -- Alec

"Jeeves, get (the FBI agent) whatever he wishes." -- Dirk to Jeeves
"Ask for a car!" -- Lisamarie

"(Dirk's) smoking. Literally." -- GM to the group

"If you aren't secret enough, you don't get to be a full agent." -- Agent Smith
"Uh oh." -- The Purple Avenger and Dirk, in unison

"(Dirk's) not real bright." -- The Purple Avenger to the group

"How angry are you?" -- GM
"I'm covered in sticky guacamole. Do you think that makes me happy?" -- Naomi

"I have to requisition a cow." -- T.M. to Naomi

"I could use a cat, I suppose, but it's harder to fit them into the rubber boots." -- T.M. to Naomi, a few minutes later

"I'm not so much a mad scientist as a slightly annoyed one." -- T.M. to the group

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