Session 3: April 22, 2000


Wendi Strang-Frost as GM
Sean Frost as T.M. Smith, AKA "Mr. Lucky"
Dave Schoen as "The Purple Avenger"
Matt Speilman as Agent Jonathan Mitchel Smith
Lisamarie Babik, Kevin Collins, Liam Hoekenga, Andrew Prill, George Rabick, Matthew Richardson and Steve Sikora as the peanut gallery


Jimmy McCormick, FBI intern


"All right Dr. Taco Chip, you've met your match." -- Dave to Sean, after hearing about the Guacamole Gun designed by T.M.

"The falling stopped when you landed on your head." -- GM
"Of course it did." -- The Purple Avenger

"I look at my chest. Do I have a big purple A?" -- The Purple Avenger
"Yes. Yes, you do." -- GM

"It's a book that tells about the Purple Avenger. It's about how you vanquish evil." -- GM
"Ahhh, I like that." -- The Purple Avenger

"I commence looking for...evil." -- The Purple Avenger to GM

"You hear sirens. -- GM
"Trouble! I seek the source." -- The Purple Avenger

"You notice that he's wearing a purple aviator's helmet...and there's a dent in it." -- GM to ?

"So there's no evil here?" -- The Purple Avenger
"No, there's no evil here. This is the government." -- Agent Smith

"Mr. Smith, would you please come out of under the elevator?" -- Agent Smith to T.M.
"Señor Smith no esta aquí." -- Dave, speaking for T.M.

"I didn't think about my ankles." -- Sean
"Yeah, it would've been real helpful for T.M. to have greased his ankles before going to prison." -- Matthew R.

"Mr. Smith, you certainly are a hard person to find." -- Agent Smith
"Really?" -- T.M.
"Not really." -- Matthew R.
"It took two days...and three rolls." -- Matt S.

"I sit on the cot and try to will myself dead." -- T.M.
"Nothing happens." -- GM
"Damn, I'm not dead." -- Matt S.

"I try to blend in." -- The Purple Avenger
"You're purple." -- GM

"The passcode has not been given. Defensive measures will now be taken. Have a nice day." -- Guardians of Order Headquarters computer to the Purple Avenger and Agent Smith

"I'll use my super breath." -- The Purple Avenger
"Do you have super breath?" -- Sean
"This will be the way to find out." -- Dave

"Say, that seems to have done it!" -- The Purple Avenger, shaking the unconscious Agent Smith

"Me am Bizarro Purple Avenger." -- Matthew R. to the group, speaking for the Purple Avenger

"She's just doing her job." -- Kevin
"Yes, nurses are normally required to subdue the undead." -- Matthew R.

"Make a perception roll." -- GM
"I roll an 11." -- The Purple Avenger
"You notice the dent in your head." -- GM
"Owie!" -- The Purple Avenger

"Agent Smith is at the hospital." -- unnamed Agent
"What happened to him? Was it something evil? -- The Purple Avenger
"I believe it was electricity." -- unnamed Agent
"Again. Hmmm." -- The Purple Avenger

"Please take off your clothes and put on this gown. Someone will come along shortly." -- Nurse
"Will this person take me to Agent Smith?" -- The Purple Avenger
"Yes." -- Nurse, as she leaves
"I didn't know it was a fancy hospital." -- The Purple Avenger

"Someone has stolen your pants." -- The Purple Avenger, opening the closet door
"Yes, someone has." -- Agent Smith
"This smacks of evil." -- The Purple Avenger

"Listen, can you do something about my head?" -- The Purple Avenger
"I hope so." -- Agent Smith

"They're chalking it up to a fraternity prank." -- GM to ?, regarding the missing corpse
"Phi Alpha Dahmer." -- Matt S.

"Strange as it sounds, we're going to have to put out the APB again." -- Agent Smith
"But he's dead." -- Jimmy
"Don't put that in the APB." -- Agent Smith

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