Session 2: March 4, 2000


Wendi Strang-Frost as GM
George Rabik as Tom Stockton
Matthew Richardson as Naomi Reed Kline
Lisamarie Babik and Sean Frost as the peanut gallery


Basil Merriwether, field scientist for the CDC


"You realize you'll glow. How are you going to handle that?" -- GM to Tom
"Jedi Mind Shroud." -- Lisamarie
"This is not the mutant you're looking for." -- Matthew
"Crawl into a Ton-Ton." -- Lisamarie

"Lots of people in the city. More people than you've seen before. It kind of reminds you of an anthill. Roll 3d6." -- GM
"I got an eleven. I'm okay." -- George
"Hmmm...I detect a disadvantage." -- Matthew

"I'm going to make sure to be out of earsight." -- Naomi to GM

"Y''d be shame to blow your head off in the first session." -- Matthew to George
"Not with your luck." -- GM
"Yeah, it'd be a miracle." -- Sean

"Kinda sucks when your origin is another PC." -- Sean to Matthew, speaking from experience

"There were stairs, weren't there?" -- George
"Yeah, you came up them." -- GM
"A new super-hero...Stairmaster!" -- Sean

"I wouldn't be glowing if I'd had the lead-lined panties." -- Naomi to the group

"What are they doing below?" -- Tom
"Getting prepared to shoot you." -- Naomi
"That question wasn't aloud." -- George
"Oh." -- Matthew

"She's going to be peeing Limeaid." -- GM
"Drink your barium, Sweetie!" -- Matthew
"Mmmm...a lead smoothie." -- Lisamarie

"I fear that I will have vaginal dentata." -- Lisamarie to the group, speculating on her character's powers

"There's a toilet and a sink, but you don't know what those are." -- GM to Tom
"How sad for the staff. He'll be scoopin' water out of the toilet and shitting in the corner." -- Lisamarie

"Are there any other surprises you've noticed that you haven't told me about?" -- Naomi to Dr. Merriweather
"Your pee is blue." -- Lisamarie

"The room will try to hurt you. Your goal is to prevent it from hurting you." -- Dr. Merriweather
"Duh." -- Tom

"We did do the same shit, didn't we?" -- Matthew to George, referring to their characters' similar powers
"Only yours is subtle. His is subb-tul." -- Lisamarie to Matthew

And the proposed notes to Naomi's thank-you card to Tom:

...Thank you. That rash cleared up quite quickly.
...Thank you, no guy's ever done that to me before.
...Thank you, no guy's ever gotten me that hot. (112-degree fever)

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