Session 1: January 12, 2000


Wendi Strang-Frost as GM
Kris Fazzari as Claire
Sean Frost as T.M. Smith, AKA "Mr. Lucky"
George Rabick and Matthew Richardson as the peanut gallery


"You report to work like every other night." -- GM
"I work every other night?"- T.M.
"One bad point for you." -GM

"Great, I'm a deaf ghost." -- Claire to GM

"I try to become more transparent. Of course, I'm not sure how you do that, but I'm thinking transparent thoughts. -- Claire to GM

"You bastards!" -- Claire to the agents
"You killed Kenny!" -- Sean

"Claire, you feel something like an earthquake. T.M., you feel the boom." -- GM
"At least I was close to a woman before I died." -- T.M.

"Your hand touches (T.M.) and you see electricity dance over him as he convulses." -- GM
"Sorry!" -- Claire

"About this time you notice that there a few around." -- GM
"Sorry!" *pause* "No wait...I'm not sorry. They hurt me." -- Claire

"How much of my clothes are intact?" -- T.M.
"This is a PG comic, so the important parts of covered." -- GM

"The car behind you honks loudly." -- GM
"How annoying. I wish that would stop." -- Claire
"You hear a loud pop...and the hood flies open and smoke begins pouring out of the car." -- GM
"Sorry." -- Claire
"The car begins swerving. Roll 3d6 to avoid the car." -- GM
"Sorry!" -- Claire

"I shot lightning?" -- Claire
"Yes." -- T.M.
"How far?" -- Claire
"I don't know. I didn't measure it when you zotted me." -- T.M.

"(T.M.'s) not badly the spots that matter." -- GM
"(Claire) looks." -- Kris
"Tacky ghost." -- Matthew

"I chose correctly on (T.M.'s) psych lims." -- GM
"Anal?" -- Sean
"No." -- GM
"Compulsive?" -- Sean
"That's half of it." -- GM
"And the other would be obsessive?" -- Matthew
"Right." -- GM

"12:01. Cantaloupe introduced into the routine." -- T.M.'s notes on Mrs. Jenkowitz, his neighbor in the next building

"I told you. I killed you. You're just now coming back up to temperature." -- Claire to T.M.

"You're a very strange person." -- Claire (the deaf ghost) to T.M.

"What, I can't date?" -- T.M. to the cops, after they see a ghostly Claire in his apartment

"I'm invisible!" -- Matthew to the group, mimicking Claire, who is hiding in the wall unmindful of the fact that her bust is sticking out into the hallway

"You're not feeling lucky?" -- GM to T.M., as he sits handcuffed in the back of the police car

"(T.M.'s) listed as a janitor...and there's an APB on him...industrial saboteur." -- GM
"Sorry!" -- Claire

"Sure, (Claire) gets the super-hero hideout. I get the cheap hotel." -- T.M. to the group

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Done by Kris Fazzari.

Quotes taken by Matthew Richardson.

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