Shape Shifting


(As they appear in Outrageous Fortune, with some modifications, some omissions, and some unique creations.)

A note about magic in Outrageous Fortune: All magic is based on the Hero Fantasy system. All spells are purchased individually in Faerie Magic, Demonology, Wizardry and Witchcraft.

  • The Power of Faerie (40 pts.)

    Faerie is the First Power, the Power that was before the coming of the Serpent and the Unicorn. (See: History) It has only recently been returned to its former glory through the destruction of the Orb. To access the Power of Faerie, the Faerie Ring must be walked, but the task is not without its perils...

    The Faerie Ring

    The Book of Spells

    Faerie Magic became the only magic when Ygg was destroyed and the Plane of Magic was spun off into the Abyss as a result of the destruction. (Most spells based on Hero Fantasy.) When the Faerie Ring is walked, 20 points worth of spells become available to the walker. (Spells are purchased individually in this system.)

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  • The Powers of the Disc

    (Which can be blamed, entirely, on Prince Ishmael...)

    Wizardry (cost per spell)

    While Faerie Magic deals with the flora and fauna of the magical world, Wizardry gets down to the chemistry and physics of magic. Here you will find transmutation spells, teleports, telekinesis, and anything else that would bore a Faerie to tears...

    The Book of Spells

    Witchcraft (cost per spell)

    The art of sympathetic magic, and another avenue where curses, or hexes in this case, can be laid and removed. Wards and sigils and dolls are popular, along with herbalism and healing. And every witch has her broomstick and familiar...

    The Book of Spells

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  • Demonology (10 pts. plus cost per demon)
    (See also Demons.)

    A very dire and perilous practice at its best, Demonology is the magic of summoning and binding noncorporeal demons. It is a costly affair, for one is enslaving a truly powerful, and understandably bitter, entity.

    Demonology does not have a standard spell book per se, but each sorcerer is want to keep his or her own, extensive notebooks. To summon a demon, the sorcerer must make two, finely crafted rings; one for himself and one for his slave. When the rings are done, the sorcerer then casts the summoning spell and the summoned demon inscribes its name on its ring. The demon is then enslaved to the sorcerer for the duration of the sorcerer's life, or until the sorcerer gives the demon its freedom. The more powerful the demon, the more time, energy (and points) the sorcerer has to invest in the rings. All demons bound in this fashion must obey their master's commands. Also, the demons will have no corporeal form until their master makes one for them. This form is usually fashioned out of clay and is destroyed once the demon enters it.

    Corporeal demons can be summoned, but they cannot be enslaved. They can, however, be bribed into doing favors or tasks for the sorcerer, if the price is right.

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  • The Power of Shape Shifting

    Shape Shifting was born of the union of the Serpent and an UnSeelie maid. Only the children of the Serpent can change their shape without first casting a spell, but the change is imperfect. Unlike their Faerie forebears, the children of the Serpent cannot change their mass, nor can they truly imitate their subjects without many, many years of practice.

    *Basic Shape Shifting (30 pts.)

    As per the Amber DRPG rulebook, by Phage Press.

    **Advanced Shape Shifting (35 pts.)

    As per the Amber DRPG rulebook, by Phage Press, with the following exception: While Advanced Shape Shifters can change their mass, they can do so only by adding biological material to their forms. This mass is expelled when they return to their true form.

    Basic and Advanced Shape Shifting can also be learned by degrees, and in the following order:

    *Basic Shape Shift (purchased for 5 pts. each)

    1. Shape shift wounds

      The ability to close open flesh wounds, burns and punctures. (Note: broken bones cannot be mended with this ability. See 'Shape body parts'.)

    2. Shape body parts

      The ability to shape hard, bony parts of the body, grow nails, claws, hair, etc.

    3. Shape facial features

      The ability to shift cartilaginous tissues in fine detail.

    4. Shape animal forms

      The ability to mimic animal shapes. (Note: the shape shifter's mass cannot be changed, nor does the shifter gain the animal's abilities.)

    5. Automatic shape shift

      The ability to shift and adapt without concentration. Literally, the shifter's form will take care of itself independently of the shifter's mind. If conscious, the shifter can place himself or herself into this 'mode' and remain there until the mental switch is turned off.

    6. Involuntary shape shift

      Automatic shape shift taken to the next step, and mostly for defensive purposes. Involuntary shape shift is the shifter's form preserving itself at all costs. There is no switch that can be turned on or off. Involuntary shape shift will work whether the shifter is conscious or not. The shifter is at the mercy of his or her form until the form is no longer in danger.

    **Advanced Shape Shifting (purchased for 5 pts. each and in the following order:)

    1. Shape shift internal structures

      This allows the shape shifter to change their internal structure, adding an extra heart, brain, etc., or changing their location within the body. It also gives the shape shifter fine control, to the cellular level, allowing for...interesting biological outcomes.

    2. Shape shift animal abilities

      This ability allows the shape shifter to fly without growing wings, run exceptionally fast, breath water without growing gills, etc. (Reader's of the comic, "Animal Man", will be well-versed when using this power.)

    3. Shape shift to creatures of power

      This ability allows the shape shifter to assume the form, and magical abilities of mythical beasts. For example, the shape shifter could assume the form of a dragon, and be able to breath fire, or the form of a Faerie and be able to move through the 'Tween.

    4. Shape shift aura

      The ability to shape the psychic self, without changing the physical form. Allows the shifter to psychically hide.

    5. Shape shift persona

      Allows the shifter to literally become what they are shifting into. This is a very dangerous practice, as the shifter is sometimes unable to get back to themselves.

    6. Shape shift other

      This skill allows the shape shifter to apply all of their knowledge of the skill, to date, on another living being, provided, of course, that said being's psyche can be overcome by the attacking shape shifter.

    7. Shape shift blood

      This allows the shape shifter, by using their own blood, to create living beings to which any or all of the above abilities can be ascribed.

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  • The Power of Trump

    As per the Amber DRPG Sourcebook, with the following exception: With the joining of the two planes of Trump, and the destruction of the Orb, Trump has become one of the most potent of the powers, distance no longer hinders contact, nor time flow, nor can Trump be barred from any Shadow. Allowing a card to fall into the wrong hands can now be quite dangerous...

    *Trump Artistry (40 pts.)

    Trump Artistry can also be learned in stages, in the following order (8 pts. each):

    1. Sensing Trump

      This is the ability to determine whether or not a card, painting, mural, etc., is imbued with the power of Trump.

    2. Trump identification

      This ability allows the artist to shuffle quickly through their deck to determine who is Trumping them (the card in question will be cold). This can also be combined with Trump memory at a later date. Until then, for this ability to work, the artist must have their cards within reach.

    3. Trump defense

      The ability to stare at one's own card, invoking the power of Trump as a defense or shield against all other powers. (Note: Contrary to the Sourcebook, not just anyone can stare at their own Trump and defend themselves. This ability is open only to Trump artists, or Trump artists in training.)

    4. Trump sketches

      The ability to make impermanent Trumps quickly. The sketch is destroyed with the first use.

    5. Creating Trump

      Self-explanatory. Trump are indestructible in Outrageous Fortune.

    **Advanced Trump Artistry (20 pts.)

    Which can also be learned in stages in the following order (4 points each):

    1. Trump memory

      This ability allows the artist to Trump anyone or where they have made a card for previously. Without a previously made card, this ability will not function.

    2. Trump spying

      An expansion of Trump identification which allows the artist to not only determine which cards in their deck are currently active, but to subtlely listen in on the ongoing conversations.

    3. Trump jamming

      The ability to stop Trump calls from going through. This is best used with Trump spying to stop others' calls from going through, but can also be used to stop incoming calls to the artist.

    4. Trump gate

      The ability to create large portals imbued with Trump power, and generally to a fixed location.

    5. Trump trap

      The ability to contain a viewer within a Trump, make a false face on a card, or otherwise do something nasty to someone else. (There are as many individual Trump traps as there are Trump artists...)

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Please Note: Conjuration and Advanced Pattern and Logrus no longer function in the world of Outrageous Fortune. They were destroyed along with the Orb.

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