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Sessions 33-59
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Session 33

"I don't have lips right now." -- Foster to Felix

Session 47

"The cleavage is flowing as freely as the beer." -- GM to Felix

Session 52

"I know all of the pages, because I'm intimate with them all." -- Ahab to ?

"The size of someone's brain has nothing to do with the stupid things you do." -- Foster to Felix

Session 54

"If they're not in the rubble, they're somewhere else." -- Ahab to Benedict

Session 55

"Well it has to do with Sand, but it's not about Sand" -- Felix to Ariana

"I didn't bring your penis into this." -- Felix to Bart

"Can I get my lunch before you're dead?" -- Alex to Bart

Session 56

"Don't give me that look. I don't know where you've been." -- Felix to Bart

"What do you know about pedestrian, fish-boy?" -- Felix to Bart

"I was a Faerie once and I didn't like it at all." -- Felix to Laughter

"Hang on a second, I'm in the middle of Ahab." -- GM to ?

"It means you're being socialized normally." -- Felix
"Normally is perhaps too strong a word." -- Ahab

"I was winning until they hit me on the head." -- Foster to Felix

Session 57

"Impending senses of doom are just not cool." -- Laughter to GM

"Evisceration is just one of those things, but crucifixion gets your attention." -- Ahab to the group

"(Bart) calls me stupid. I don't like that." -- Felix to Isabeux

"The Amberites are a strange and wondrous race, capable of amazing things." -- Priest of the Unicorn to Bart
"More often strange than wondrous." -- Jason

"You don't joke about Fiona" -- Laughter
"Why not?" -- Foster
"Cufflinks." -- Sequence

"Caine slept with a Viking?" -- Foster
"A woman, I'd imagine." -- Felix

"That's not very honorable." -- Laughter to Bleys

"(Riftvan's) been most cooperative, except when he was drunk." -- Laughter
"Drunk?" -- Foster
"Cooperative?" -- Alex

"It's not that I can't handle scalding. It beats crucifixion any day." -- Ahab to Fiona

"Raised by wolves? That just doesn't happen!" -- Laughter to Felix

Session 58

"News flash! Felix hugs Faerie." -- Matt to the group

"You mean Kimdyl won't peel (Ahab) grapes and feed them to (him)?" -- Kris
"Only if (he) shattered (his) pelvis. There's a thought." -- Jason

"I intend to live through it this time." -- Ahab to Kimdyl

"It's not red yet, that means I can hit you more." -- GM to her battered spouse

"I didn't eat her." -- Heather to Mebd, referring to Mary

"Perhaps you've never fought with your mother and she's a good and kind person." -- Laughter to Ahab

Session 59

"Afterwards (Foster) drinks the blood." -- Matt
"I'll have to talk to him about that." -- Liam

"So he picks his nose and doesn't use toilet paper. What's your point?" -- Felix
"You need toilet paper to pick your nose?" -- Bart

"I wouldn't believe me either if I was the third person, but I'm only one." -- Felix

"You haven't bothered me about cosmetology in so long." -- Fiona
"Cosmology. Cosmetology is your sister Flora's field." -- Ahab

"When Usires and Caine are drunk, women run in fear." -- GM
"And when they're sober, they run holding their noses." -- Jason
"Not anymore." -- George

"But I've always stroked your ego in the past." -- Foster
"Thanks." -- Sequence

"I can't play with it staring at me." -- Foster, referring to Sequence

"I'm a Prince of Amber, opening shops is within my jurisdiction." -- Ahab to Lyss

"If you figure out how to think, be sure to let me know, because I haven't figured it out yet." -- Ahab to Corwin

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