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Sessions 140-142
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Session 140

"Like not having a husband would stop Alexandra." -- Matthew R.
"Having a husband didn't stop Alexandra!" -- Kris

"No liquor, no Granny Witherall." -- Granny Witherall to Whimsy
"Now there's an argument for prohibition in Amber if ever I heard one." -- Lisamarie

"Oh, that (sentence) says a lot about (Ishmael's) sexual prowess. 'I'm not going to have sex with my wife because she'll be asleep halfway through.'" -- Kris to the group

"I can't have a serious relationship with a man named Enver." -- Alexandra to the group
"(Alexandra) can't have a serious relationship with any man." -- Matthew R.

"You know the whole plan that Whimsy's mother-in-law (Claire) has, to have Whimsy learn witchcraft and then train other Jesbys? It's the Claire Witch Project." -- Sean to the others

"Vincent isn't paying much attention to you." -- GM to Ishmael
"That's because he's focused on Whimsy looking really pretty for the first time." -- Kris
"Not the first time. She's been pretty once or twice before." -- Matthew R.

"There's Felix and a crowd of small children over looking at the (wedding) cake." -- Liam
"And then Felix says, 'I dare you.'" -- Kevin

"As much as I want cake, I don't want to piss Whimsy off." -- Felix to GM

"What's the most hateful thing (Whimsy) could do to you?" -- Caine
"Wax my chest?" -- Ishmael

"I'm impotent and can't use Trump!" -- Ishmael to the group

"Jasmine and stench...that's a pretty combination." -- Kevin to the group

"Love is blind because Whimsy plucked out its eyes." -- Lisamarie to the group

"(Ariana) should name her kid gravel. Since he's full of Sand." -- George to the group

"(Ariana and I) of course tell Maddy that the baby's beautiful." -- Whimsy to GM
"Ariana actually means it." -- Kris

"This is Ishmael's kid, as soon as it finds a breast it's happy." -- GM to the group

"Whimsy doesn't want to be drugged (for the birth)." -- Matthew R.
"Why not? That's how she got knocked up." -- Lisamarie

Session 141

"You have a great way to get even with Granny. She has no defense against faerie magic." -- GM
"Yeah, but if I ever want to get even with her, I'll just push the old bitch out the window." -- Whimsy

"Whimsy would go, 'I sense Ishmael's hand in this (letter).'" -- Kris
"The spelling would give that away." -- Matthew R.

"I figured it out before Felix did." -- Ishmael
"But is that really saying anything?" -- Vincent

"So Alexandra, how are you interacting with the others over the three months?" -- GM to Alexandra
"The same way she always does, flat on her back." -- Lisamarie

"Prince Alex of Amber is getting married." -- GM to the group
"Did hell freeze over and someone not tell me?" -- Lisamarie

"I don't drug (Edwin) or myself this time. I'll be good." -- Whimsy to GM

"I would prefer that Pollux not be petrifying people. Or burning them." -- Whimsy to Alexandra
"I would prefer that also not too." -- Ishmael

"(Pollux) should talk to Ishmael (about sex)." -- Whimsy
"He has a father." -- GM
"Oh yes." <pause> "(He) should talk to Ishmael." -- Whimsy

Session 142

"(Whimsy's children) are a new race." -- GM to Whimsy
"They're Whimsoids." -- Sean

"It's nice to keep the family secrets a secret." -- Random, referring to Whimsy's broomstick rides
"I'm only confirming what everyone's been saying for years." -- Whimsy

"There's family bonding and then there's family bondage." -- Sean to the group

"(Gérard's) last daughter is spoiled rotten. Gérard and Isabeux can't see it, but you can." -- GM
"If she was my granddaughter I'd contribute to it, but since she's my sister I'll just be resentful." -- Felix

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