Partial Powers for "Outrageous Fortune"

Trump Artistry

1)Sensing Trump8 points
2)Trump Identification7 points
3)Trump Defense7 points
4)Trump Sketches7 points
5)Creating Trumps8 points
6)Creating Trump Powered Artifacts3 points
40 points total @ 3-8 points per ability
Powers must be learned in the order given.

Advanced Trump Artistry

1)Trump Memory4 points
2)Trump Spying4 points
3)Trump Gate4 points
4)Trump Jamming4 points
5)Trump Trap4 points
20 points total @ 4 points per ability


1)Shapeshift Wounds5 points
2)Shape Body Parts5 points
3)Shape Facial Features5 points
5)Shapeshift Animal Forms5 points
6)Automatic Shapeshift5 points
7)Involuntary Shapeshift5 points
30 points total @ 5 points per ability

Advanced Shapeshifting

1)Shapeshift Aura4 points
2)Shapeshift Persona4 points
3)Shapeshift Features3 points
4)Shapeshift Internal Structures4 points
5)Shapeshift to Creatures of Power4 points
6)Shapeshift to Animal Abilities3 points
7)Shapeshift Other4 points
8)Shapeshift Blood4 points
30 points total @ 3-4 points per ability


Pattern Imprint and Logrus Mastery must be purchased in toto.
No Advanced Powers may be purchased until Power is purchased in toto.

OF Unicorn
"Outrageous Fortune"

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