I may have been too hasty with certain conclusions.  It seemed
logical to both myself and Eric to conclude that Lucretia was the hirer of
House Vetch.  But since when is logic part of the way the world works?

	Now, after "talking" with her, Eric does not think she was
responsible.  Maybe he just doesn't think...with his head.  Or maybe he is

	[Hmm...now that I know Lucretia exists, should I send her an
	 invitation to the brothel?  Perhaps not.  The way things have
	 been there recently, that could be interpreted as a threat.]

	But anyway.  If not Lucretia, then who?  Eliminate the obvious and
it leaves...Leto?  Why not?  I can't think of an immediate reason, but
then, I'm quite ready to kill *her*.  Brand?  Eric believes I am not
worthy of Brand's attention.  But with Eric acting as King, killing me now
might be very disruptive to Amber.  And I'm quite sure Brand knows the
situation here.  He seems to keep abreast of these things.

	Whoever my enemy may be, I have decided that the brothel makes me
too much of a target.  And it is dangerous for me to venture there.  Not
necessarily for me, but I am tired of finding my staff knocked out under
tables and in linen closets.  It's definitely time to hand it over to
Oscar.  Alexandra can certainly handle the physical side of security, and
hopefully the wards will eliminate some of the other interference.

	As long as I don't have to explain it to her father.

	The impostor-masseur.  Who was it?  There are several
possibilities.  A Vetch?  But I'm not dead.  That seems pretty pointless. 
A faerie?  That also seems pretty pointless...I'm female and already
pregnant.  This impostor wanted information.  Don't we all.  Caitt
mentioned two courts among the faeries.  Could it have been a spy from the
Seelie Court?

	Why not?  Anything is possible in Amber.  One of many good reasons
to leave.

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