I thought I was running a brothel, not a sperm bank for faeries. 
Why is nothing as it seems?

	I thought the Pearl was simple.  It's a brothel, a house of
pleasure, a headquarters for local intelligence gathering.  How much more
simple can it get?  And I looked forward to handing it over to Oscar,
after these opening nights, and getting on with my own particular agenda. 
Oh yes, there are things to be done...

	And then there were faeries.  What the hell are faeries?  I've
just been nodding and going along with the whole supposition, "Oh, really? 
Faeries.  Of course," but I have no idea what I'm dealing with here. 
Laughter makes it sound pretty bad.  Sorcerers...where can I find
sorcerers with enough power to unmask these lies?  She didn't mention Alex
at all, but I wonder.  He seems indeed to have such power.  But can I
afford to owe him yet more?  And must I guard the Pearl forever?

	What if Benedict's right?  Is the blood of Amber such a very
precious commodity?  Surely the family scatters its seed widely enough,
without such deceptions.  What else could it be?

	I must find out more about faeries.  And I've been kept too long
from the exercise of my arts; deliver a faerie into my hands and
information will flow like sweat from screaming pores.  Let's find out if
they feel pain.

	Ruin my opening night, will you?

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