Week 1, Day 1

	Work on the brothel proceeds apace.  Tomorrow, I will have to see
what the interior decorators have come up with.  I admit to great
curiosity.  Eric came home tonight, to me.  I restrained myself from all
questioning and concentrated on welcoming him.  This is a decision I will
not let him regret.  I woke to his arm around me and his hand across my
abdomen.  Even in sleep he claims us both.  I also regret nothing.

Week 1, Day 2

	I wonder how she will word this in her portfolio?  Premier
Bordello of Amber, commissioned by the Queen's assassin?  The plans are
excellent.  I have ordered work to begin immediately.

	Eric confesses to sending Torment.  He likes the name, although he
was aghast when I said I had intended it for my baby.  Ariana was right, I
suppose.  We sparred yesterday, Ariana and I, and she is better than I
expected.  I took her easily, although she had a better blade.  Torment is
the best I have ever carried.  She was not surprised that Eric and I had
reconciled...I suspect her of having a hand in it.

Week 1, Day 4

	Ariana provides me with more information than she knows.  But what
does she withhold?  There is more to Shadow shifting than Usires revealed. 
Does he know?  And the dreams...she was not willing to disclose their
content.  I will not force her.  I have learned enough.  Too many details
to assimilate right now, but one thing is clear.  Leto or her child must

	Bleys is facile and charming...I must not let myself be tempted. 
No, I am tempted.  I must not let myself act rashly.  This man once led an
army against Eric.

Week 1, Day 5

	I have considered further, and I still believe that Leto's child
poses a threat to mine, and to Eric.  I will wait and search for proof,
but I suspect that Eric will not listen.  If I must, I will guard his back
despite his wishes.  Leto hates him.  All acknowledge that.  And she hates
all Amberites.  Yet she lingers in Amber.  Why?  The easy explanation is
that she carries an Amberite child, and it would be aborted should she
return to Chaos.  Why doesn't she want to abort it?  It was forced upon
her by dead kings and a husband she despises.  I do not believe that she
stays her hand out of love for it.  No, she plans something...or she needs
a bargaining piece.  Eric is a fool to think she will leave it to him
freely.  He is deceived by his own desires, but I am watching.  I will
uncover the truth of this and act as I see fit.

Week 1, Day 6

	Can Shard be turned against his master?  Loneliness is the key. 
Already, he bends rules to help me.

Week 2, Day 1

	I wouldn't let Eric use his own sword.  With practice blades he
humiliates me enough.  He taunts me until at last I yield - then I yield
in other ways.  The damage to the bedroom probably arouses considerable
comment among the castle staff.

	Eric is my shepherd into Shadow.  An excellent choice.  He will be
distracted sufficiently not to watch me closely; others are less
vulnerable to these fleshly diversions.  Thank all powers that Benedict
did not decide to come with me himself.  While Eric is entertained in the
brothel, I will be able to carry out my own business here.

	It wouldn't be a real homecoming if I didn't kill *someone*.

	Amberite endurance...

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