What a bloody miserable turn of events.  I'm stuck in this
miserable, gods-forsaken, stinking alley, hoping an idiot just happens to
return to the scene of a conspiracy.  Not to mention this whole thing is
beginning to look like it might very well be a conspiracy.  And, of
course, I have no idea who.  Jaquee might want me out of the way, for some
obscure man-hating reason.  But I don't think she's been around long
enough.  Besides, she'd just attack me herself, anyway.  Bitch.  Her
little rabbit-husband is probably the one who stole my Trump cards, too. 
No one else, besides maybe dearest sister, has been near enough to me. 
Most people have the brains to leave the "barbarian" alone.  Brainless,
spineless rabbit.  Pawing through my stuff.

	I should take a holiday.  Go off and conduct a crusade or
something.  Yes, as soon as I can, I think I will.  I can lead the armies
of Rimmersgard against the Christians.  Hmmm, best done with a whole
series of crusades, perhaps once per generation.  That ought to weed out
the weaker ones, sort of like culling out the weak goats, leaving the
strong to father new kids.  If I speed up time, I won't miss the next
disaster to hit Amber.  I can use the time to acclimate Rimmersmen to move
"modern" ships.  And if Rimmersgard is fruitful, I'll have my own army and
navy by the end of it all.  Until then, perhaps I should find Ariana for
some constructive stress release.  After all, I won't be able to
accomplish anything in Rimmersgard without my cards.

	Damn high and mighty plans for a man hovering in a stinking alley.

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