I caused all the ships to sink, huh?  Because of me, Amber has no
fleet.  Rutting Hel!  What nonsense.  Can I summon storms to overwhelm
entire fleets?  Or sea monsters to attack?  Can I conjure massive waves
out of thin air?  Bloody horn, NO!  Ignorant, idiotic, rutting, stupid,
yellow pansies!  Couldn't even take me on face-to-face.  Pathetic excuses
for sailors.  I'm going to bring in some Rimmersmen, as soon as I get them
used to Amber-style ships.  Then we'll see some sailors...

	Oh, mother of Thor, Loki and the Unicorn.  Rutting, superstitious
_sailors_.  If this crazy idea gets spread around, I'll never be able to
sail again.  Dickless curs...  Wait.  First, I must find out if it's being
bandied about or not.  They won't tell me, of course, so I'll have to get
someone else to ask around, or just listen, if it's already gotten really
bad...  But I can "ask" the prisoner all I want.  And even if it's too
late, I'll still be able to sail with my Rimmersmen, and I can reestablish
my reputation that way...  Damn sheep rutting nuisance.

	Yet another thing to worry about.  Miranda, Rimmersgard, Amber's
"fleet," and now my reputation.  Definitely exciting, but I wish it were
more straightforward, like it used to be, one worry, and if someone
attacked, you kill 'em.  Ah, well...  Say, it seems as though someone is
arranging all these "accidents" to befall Amber.  I hope someone is
doing...  Oh, Benedict was looking for oddities, so he must be looking
into it.  I obviously needn't worry overmuch about it, anymore.

	Only five rotten shillings?

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