I can't believe we have no ships in Amber.  Well, no warships,
anyhow.  At least in Rimmersgard, our merchant ships doubled as our
warships.  So we wouldn't be stuck with a bunch of defenseless freighters. 
Yet another example for the superiority of Rimmersgard ships.  Rowers,
double-duty, and they can go up shallow rivers and over shoals.  'Course,
if we'd ever lost all our warships, we'd've lost all our traders, too,
leaving us in worse shape than Amber actually is.  At least here in Amber,
we'll be able to continue feeding ourselves.  And, I have to admit,
Amber's style ships are faster - when there's wind, carry more, are a lot
more fun - when they're not sinking, and take less effort to move from
place to place.  But these things do take a blasted long time to build. 
What if someone attacked now?  Someone's obviously "softening us up,"
preparing for an attack by picking off the pieces, one by one.

	Including our new king.  Being king of Amber is obviously more
dangerous than being king of Rimmersgard.  I'm glad Caine isn't likely to
inherit.  'Course, Nicholas doesn't have any kids yet.  But he's not even
king yet, either.  We've got a regent now.  I wonder how long they'll
last?  I wonder if we'll get around to doing anything about the new regime
in Chaos?  I presume we prefer the old regime.  That would be rotten luck,
to have gone through all those weddings for nothing.

	I wonder if Caine's still marrying Ariana's girl?

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