I wonder if the Unicorn has something against sailors?  Or maybe
just our family?  I can't seem to complete a simple patrol without losing
my ships.  I'm increasingly surprised they continue to let me sail.  And
this time Gerard and Felix were along.  Felix even ended up in the same
place I did.

	That was the oddest, most bizarre place I've ever been.  Far
stranger than Geneva, or even that "Disc" Shadow.  Whoever heard of such
strange little men?  Little men I expected to run into one day,
but...shaped...like that?  Why in the Hel would they...?  Little weirdos
seemed to have no purpose, 'cept to feed the skinless women.  And yet,
they gave us gills, and had enough magic to keep the water pressure to a
reasonable level at the bottom of the ocean.  Or was there some other
source for that?  Hm.  Not that I'm that curious about a place that's so
difficult to get out of.  No Trumps, Shadow walking, and I have no magic
myself, of course.  What is a place like that doing so close to Amber, in
any case?  It doesn't seem to have any relation to the one city, Amber. 
Ahhh...  Rebma, at least, is also underwater, but that's really the only
connection I can see.  Llewella did seem to know what needed to be done,
thank the gods - Unicorn.

	Now, the question is, who is still after Amber so much so to
attack a fleet on our doorstep?  The new regime in Chaos?  Dara ghosts? 
Someone new?  Gods, I haven't finished off the last threats.

	Like what happened to Miranda?  And who was mucking about in

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