Well, we've successfully completed our patrol.  All routine: no
ghost fleets, no pitched battles.  What does that make me?  One for three? 
Surprised they let me leave the port, considering that record.  It would
seem safer for Amber if I didn't sail out and discover yet another
disaster.  Heh.  'Course, they wouldn't let me leave Amber for Shadow this
time.  By word of the King, apparently.  Never realized he was
superstitious.  Most of us aren't.  Even I wasn't, back before Sand
interfered.  Gods-and-the-Unicorn, I've come a ways since then.  Ha ha! 
To think I once tried to raise goats.  How old was I then?  Dad had
died... must've been nine or so.  Foster father, actually.  They were his
goats.  Kept them, what, two seasons?  Maybe?  Gods, what a poor blade I
got for them.  Ha!  But now I have Kvalnir, once again.  It's a good thing
Ariana volunteered to help.  Obviously, Miranda did not just make off with
it and the metal.  It doesn't seem to be her nature to do so, now that I
think about it.  I wasn't thinking too clearly about any of it.  But now
it appears Dara has captured or killed Miranda.  Why?  To get the metal? 
I would have thought Dara could do that on her own.  To get Kvalnir?  She
would have to get the real one from me, or from Miranda after I gave it to
the smith.  But why did she want Kvalnir, then?  To get me to track it
down?  Then why have the guy-who-wasn't-Caine force me to divulge naval
info?  Why bother with Kvalnir, when in the end she merely had me Trumped? 
Now I definitely owe her for making me betray Amber.

	Shit.  Benedict'll kill me.

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