Unicorn be damned.  I still can't feel my hand.  That bastard was
strong.  I'm lucky my sword or my arm didn't break.  Thank the gods I'd
sparred with Ariana left-handed, or I might not have been able to occupy
that bastard's attention long enough to affect the boarding, for a lack of
familiarity.  Mmm, I probably could have taken him if I'd been
unencumbered with protecting my men, and losing the use of my arm.  But
that would have required that I knew of his strength before I crossed
blades with him...next time, of course.  He'll be mine.  Maybe next time
Fiona won't interrupt right in the middle.  I should thank her for the
bump on my head.  Aaagh, she couldn't have known, it wasn't really her
fault.  Just most unfortunate.  I wonder what she wanted to speak to me
about?  Well, now would be the best time to get in touch, as I'll be
rather busy again when we make Amber, re-outfitting this ship.  On the
other hand, maybe I'll have some time between giving the orders and their
completion in which to attempt to search for Kvalnir again.  Hmmm.  If it
is still to be found only by sea, I can 'find' a small racing yacht I can
handle myself, and pursue Miranda that way...  That should work, so long
as I've guessed correctly that she's taken my ax with her.  No matter,
I'll find it.  But she must know I would pursue, and she's had time to
prepare...  Well, if the situation requires a greater force, I'm sure I
can raise it and return, eventually.  Damn it.  What a bloody nuisance. 
All I wanted to do was eliminate a small advantage the Chaosites have in
battle.  Dara, herself, is a Chaosite.  Even though she is outcast, she
likely can shapeshift wounds like all the rest, regardless.  Fortunately,
the current threat comes form her alone, not all of Chaos, and that
Admiral of hers who was obviously something more than a Shadow dweller. 
And he got away.  After taking out even more ships of Amber.  We can't
afford to lose many ships in useless engagements.  Gerard was lost
recruiting, and now I and Caine have lost more today.  Amber's navy is

	I should tell someone about this...

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