Damn and blast!  Dara strikes quick.  Quick and precise.  Just
like a snake.  Unseen 'till too late.  How'd she... ah, Logrus.  Must be
her power.  Like a trusted friend...  The Serpent.  Her friend? 
Undoubtedly.  Where's Gerard?  Damnation and Hel.  She must die.  That
fucking, goat-licking, bitch of Hel!  I don't even have Kvalnir.  Steaming
sheep shit and shriveled bulls' cocks.  Of all the worst rutting luck. 
Agggrrhh...  No Gerard.  Destroyed, tossed, captured or trophy?  Depends
on Dara.  Pissing she-witch of an old hag.  Whatever she wants.  Revenge? 
A new plan?  Bad news, whoever caught her.  The raid of her keep...  Does
she know?  Loki-damned, horse-fucking, wench of Chaos.  She will die... 
Odin-be-damned.  I hope that smith tries to fornicate with her own hot

	Ahhh, shit.  Later.  There's work to do.  Now.  Thanks to Dara. 
Bitch and a half.  Probably need to tow this god-rotting dead fleet back
to Amber.  Damned nuisance.  With Gerard missing, second will want the
blasted carcasses.  Too valuable to drift off.  Who's commander now? 
Felix.  Bloody corpse in a swamp.  Who's going to tell 'im?  Bad news. 
Not likely me.  I've work here, first.  Rigging.  Towing.  Burials. 
Searching, if the gods see fit to stop fucking with my life.  Dara,
actually.  And Miranda.  Unnatural spawns of a diseased, castrated toad. 
Bitches both.  And Sand, she...  I knew there was a reason women shouldn't
meddle in the affairs of men.  And that bitch that shot me...  But there
is Ariana.  She's obviously skilled, and has magic as well...  Enough,
I'll wonder later.  I must keep the ship safe now...

	I wonder if Gerard's ship's log might show something that warned
of Dara's approach?

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