Odin-damn-it-all.  Pat- er, Logrus ghosts of Dara could be running
all over Shadow right now.  Wreaking all sorts of havoc anywhere... like
in Rimmersgard...  Bitch!  She could have been the one.  She's powerful
enough, after all.  I don't know what it may have accomplished, though. 
Can't be good.  May the Unicorn impale her.  Where's Kvalnir?...  Aaagh. 
Damn.  How much longer?  Maybe Miranda has finished it.  She is good,
after all.  Yea...  If it wasn't so Hel-doomed dangerous to face Dara in a
direct attack...  I just need a plan, one that will get her, and not just
another Pa- Logrus ghost of her.  Hmmm...  Aargh.  Damn.

	I wonder if Caine has had time yet to inform his agents that
Dara's on the loose?  I might want to make sure.  Seems to me like that is
the kind of thing they'd find useful, right away.  Course, what do I know
about what Caine or his men will find useful?  I still never know how
he'll even react to anything I say.  I thought he'd at least smile and say
"yea, I know" in that infuriating way of his, when I suggested he might
have another kid out in Shadow.  It would have been nice to surprise him,
for once, but I didn't really expect to.  I did expect something more
than...  I'll just never really understand him.  I wonder if it's worth
it?  He doesn't seem to care.  And yet he took me into Shadow, to show me
about the way things work, and why.  Why?  Infuriating.  Ha!  Maybe that's
the key.  He's infuriating.  Simple.  Heh, heh, infuriating.  It explains
a lot.  Of course, he won't let me be infuriating back to him, though... 
Infuriating, of course.  Infuriating, kinda like knowing soon I'll have a
proper weapon, but I may need it right now.


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