So, Takaran blades are illegal in Chaos.  Fortunately, I don't
plan to visit Chaos.  All the weddings are over and done with, so my
presence won't be required as they would have said.  As long as nothing
else like that comes up, I have nothing to worry about.  Besides, not
everyone can even detect the...power, I guess you'd call it.  And Ariana
seemed of the opinion that it's more powerful than I expected.  I see
nothing wrong with that.  If Chaos thought the last war was a mistake,
they will definitely rue the day they decide to annex Amber again.  Those
that survive will, anyway.  I can see why a kingdom of shapeshifters would
outlaw such weapons, and take such harsh penalties on the lawbreakers. 
But most Amberites can't shapeshift, and soon Kvalnir will help equalize
matters, at least some.

	Assuming Miranda comes through.  She was acting a bit curt and a
little odd when I presented her with Kvalnir the other day...  "Come back
in a month, and I don't want to see you until then."  Was she just making
sure I didn't hang around asking how it was going, which I'm tempted to
do, or was she planning on disappearing?  She seemed too ensconced in her
shop to be taking off.  Not like a traveling tinker at all...  Aargh, a
quandary.  I'll just have to wait and see, for now.

	Everyone seems to have changed, recently:  The elders are married,
Ahab is King, Miranda acting odd, Pari showing up in Amber for the
weddings, and there was something odd about Shard at Ahab's meeting last
week.  Not to mention that Ahab and family apparently spent a lot of time
in Shadow basically overnight.  I wonder how he's going to do as king? 
And what happened to Oberon, are they sure he's out of the picture again,
this time?  It could not have been natural, he was present at the wedding
one day, and the next, Ahab lead an entourage and announced his assumption
of the crown.  What was Meander doing there?

	Why wasn't he back in that horrid Discworld?  Bartholomew said he
and Jaquee weren't related.  I got the impression that he would know.  He
looks like Corwin, and stood prominently in Corwin's son's entourage... 
Where is Corwin?  But, anyway, if Meander is related, what about Jackie? 
She looked like Caine...errrr.

	And I still don't know who interfered with Rimmersgard.

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