Hel's ale.  A summons from the King can only be trouble.  I
thought I was free and clear, no more surprise weddings.  I could get down
to the business of making Kvalnir more effective, and Oberon calls.  I
should get ready.  Look ready and capable.  I wonder what the problem is

	Hmmm, nothing's really happened lately to cause a problem, except
the weddings.  And they're supposed to fix the problem with Chaos.  Could
one have gone bad already?  Fiona or Llewella killed their husband, and
Chaos wants satisfaction, or at least the family Jewel, or else we go to
war again?  Maybe, wouldn't put it past 'em.  What if Flora did?  That'd
be war for sure.  But then, I think most wanted the peace to work, I don't
think anyone would so obviously provoke a war.  Hmmm, Lyss collapsed a few
weddings back, and Bartholomew disappeared with her.  Odd, perhaps, but
what would it have to do with the King?  The Jewel, she knew where the
pieces were, was... highly attached to it as well.  If something's up with
the Jewel again, then we might be called on to go retrieve it again.  That
could explain it.  But that was a while ago, and nothing seemed to happen
in between then and now, so maybe not.  Although Caine didn't show up at
Laughter's reception last night, which is also odd, but that could easily
be unrelated to Lyss' collapse.  Not to mention she seemed to be perfectly
fine last night, if I recall correctly.  Hmmm, yea.  Oberon wasn't there
for the reception either!  Which suggests Caine and Oberon went off
together after the wedding without going to the reception.  So something
important apparently did happen, and now the King is summoning me.  What
have I got...unless it's something to do with Caine?  Damn, what?  Horse
piss, now I'm awake and I've got a bad feeling about this.

	Unless it has something to do with Rimmersgard, like whatever
powerful person messed with the time...

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