Thank the Unicorn.  I knew someone said I could change out of
this...this suit after the wedding, for the reception.  Blessed horn. 
Especially this choke-thing-tie.  Why ever would a man want to wear a
noose around his neck as fashion?  Yet it seemed so common to tech
Shadows.  And everyone wonders why I'm so leery of those places.  I
suppose one just gets used to it, like wearing armor, but would you want
to?  At least armor serves a purpose.  What purpose does a tie
serve...except that a woman picked this style, which means she likes the
way this style looks, since women are always so especially careful of
appearances. And since she isn't alone, many women seem to like this
style, they must find it attractive, which is reason enough for most men
to go around with a noose around their neck.  Perhaps I should stay
dressed this way instead of changing...gah, no, I can't stand it that
long, and it obviously isn't necessary, like last night.

	Last night!  I must've done something right, or the Unicorn
wouldn't have been so kind.  At least I remember it all this time.  And it
was only a little disconcerting that they looked somewhat like my cousin,
the bride.  Somehow such details became irrelevant.  Poor Foster, though,
I imagine the details were very important to him, last night.  I'll bet he
and Laughter retire early tonight.  They should be having real fun later.

	And tonight should be the last of the fun in Amber, for a while. 
I, at least, don't have any more weddings to attend to.  I can finally get
back to business, enhancing Kvalnir and finding whoever messed with the
time in Rimmersgard.

	At the very least, I'm going to exchange this pig-sticker for

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