Well, one more wedding tonight, and I'll be free of obligations,
able to begin searching for the vandal of my Shadow.  Now that's a polite
way of putting it, these balls and receptions are getting to me, I guess. 
Actually, not completely, Ariana will be meeting me in the afternoons to
practice.  Best damn workout I've ever found.  Neither one of us gets
beaten to a pulp, lots of practice, though.  But at least I can cancel, if
necessary.  Which leaves me free to search for clues.  Hmm, perhaps I
should wait until after the modifications to Kvalnir before I go
searching.  Caine did say somebody powerful had to have been involved in
the modification of Rimmersgard.

	Yea, I'll wait.  Which means I'll have to go get the payment for
Miranda, first.  I wonder what this stuff is?  It's gotta be valuable if
she only wants a hundred pounds of it as payment.  And I suspect 100
pounds is a lot.  She's too damn good at negotiating a price.  Who'd have
thought, women fighting and smithing so well...naw, I don't think
Rimmersgarders are ready for such ideas.  But, anyway, this metal.  What's
the best plan to find the stuff?  Damn, I don't want to have to mine it
and separate it out of the ore and all that crap.  I'll have to buy it
already smelted.  Which means I'll have to find something of e...hggg!  I
can just find it already smelted.  Or actually, not requiring smelting at
all.  And the gems shouldn't take any longer really, just a little time to
get an assortment.  Mmmm, might take a couple of days all told.

	All right, sounds like a plan.

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