Weddings.  All these marriages.  All arranged no doubt, to prevent
a repeat of the recent war with Chaos.  I wonder if it will work?  The
brothers and sisters of Amber, my aunts and uncles, have never been
terribly united, and the various houses of Chaos are very separate from
one another.  As evidenced by the variety at Flora's wedding, and its
difference from Llewella's.  Hel, they even had a civil war here between
two groups of houses, which caused the war with Amber.  I just don't see
marrying off our "elders" to Chaos Lords and Ladies as really solving the
problem.  Well it's politics.  Those who like that kind of stuff can worry
about it, I won't.  Still no clue about why Caine isn't marrying.  If I
remember, Corwin was Oberon's original choice for heir, and Brand...well,
I understand there, but why not Caine?  He doesn't really fit into either
category.  I should just ask him.  I can't avoid my own father for the
rest of my life.  And he had essentially valid reasons to order me to
abandon him to a fight with a serpent, and then to pretend death and all.

	I might as well ask him what he knows about controlling Shadows
and finding... vandals, I suppose I can call them.  Damn.  For all I know,
Caine himself could have been the one who aged Rimmersgard while he was
away.  And now I am my homeland's god.  It's eerie the way longhall tales
of my exploits grew to a complete religion worshipping me.  But, now, only
I, and maybe Caine, remember the original state of Rimmersgard. Oh, not
that its large islands, short peninsulas, and wide navigable rivers have
changed.  Nor have the people really changed, the Saxons and Gauls are
still raiding the Rimmersgard clan villages and ships for treasure that we
never have or ever had.  The "science" stuff that usually infests a Shadow
as time passes fortunately didn't show up here, as I had hoped and prayed
it wouldn't.  And yet it is not the same Rimmersgard...  They worship me
now.  That's not really it though...  That they don't worship Asgard as
they did before is the more important difference between then and now.  I
wonder what religion Rome is now?  Do they still worship Asgard, as
before, do they worship me, or has Christianity managed to return from the
mountains?  I think I overheard something about a pope maintaining a ban
on our traders attempting to enter Geneva.  Perhaps they will never be
able to return to Rome.  So much the better.  Still haven't converted the
Indians beyond the Suez channel to either religion, I hear.  Ah, well,
maybe someday, or maybe the Moors...  I'm a god now, it shouldn't be too
difficult, actually.  Do I want to though...hmmmm.

	What does a god actually do?

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