Well, Martin is still in a mood.  Even after Ariana spoke with
him.  I thought she could get anyone to talk to her.  She got me to speak
to a prisoner before I knew we were related, and I'd never imagined doing
that before then.  But he's still just sitting over there, having even
less fun than I am, despite knowing the elaborate steps to these dances or
waltzes or whatever.  Or he should know, anyway.  I don't believe he's
even noticed Bleys' bride-to-be, yet.  And she's definitely
attract...attracts attention.  Well, at lest I managed to enliven Random's
evening. He looked positively disgusted with boredom.  Maybe tomorrow I
can at least distract Martin from his problem.  Ariana's right, I should
keep an eye on him.  Going on a blood rampage against innocents rarely
solves your problem, especially if you get yourself stabbed.  Now, going
berserk amongst the cause of your problems is something else entirely.

	Thinking of problems, what's wrong with Rimmersgard?  Something
was so...  different about it that I could actually feel it.  Martin was
in such a hurry though, that I didn't have time to ascertain what was
wrong.  Damn that Shadow storm.  I've been away this long before, but that
storm...  They said the storms could carry things between Shadows, or wipe
out Shadows altogether.  Well, Rimmersgard is still there at least, but
that storm must have done something.  I'll have to return and figure out
what's changed.  I don't recall being invited to tomorrow's wedding, I
don't think.  Odd thing, invitations.  I suppose it's necessary when you
live in big cities, and deal with different realms and all.  I wonder what
other wedding customs I don't know about.  Can't be too important, or
somebody'd tell me, I hope.

	I wonder why Caine doesn't seem to have a bride like most of his

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