Oberon is King.  A kingly king.  Caine was right.  Unicorn, that
was a long time ago.  "Oberon is our king."  And now I have met him,
Caine, even though you said he was dead.  I wonder if Caine actually knew
Oberon wasn't dead.  Caine's certainly played dead before without telling
anyone, and he certainly keeps his own counsel and loves secrets.  I
wouldn't put it past him to've known all along that Oberon was still out
there.  It would explain why he accepted Random as "king," when he
obviously didn't think much of his brother...  Yes, Caine definitely spoke
as though Oberon were king, and Random was only playing at king while
daddy was away, that night in Rimmersgard after I first came to Amber. 
And now Sand has been executed for her crimes of that very time,
including, in a way, her manipulating me.  It's a fine day.  And Dalt, the
desecrator of Unicorn Shrines, like Pary's, has been executed too. 
Marvelous day.  Oberon is decisive, as a king should be.  Not like Random,
who let Sand and Dalt off with imprisonment.  Pathetic judgments.  And
certainly not like king...whatever-his-name-is in Rimmersgard.  Now
there's a weak king.  Perhaps when I go back and finally make sure
everything's normal there, I can arrange for a stronger king to come to
power.  Say, it's been a few days.  I wonder if Martin has finished the
Trump of Rimmersgard yet.  That would be helpful.  He should be here
somewhere... can't actually ask him, not here in public, anyway...  At
least now I can get there again through Shadow, but it would be so much
faster to be able to Trump.

	Ah, there's Martin...

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