Oh, damn.  Oh pig scat.  Sex isn't worth it.  I'm not losing my
soul for one night of wenching.  It's not worth it.  No matter how good it
is.  Aw, Hel's eternal hall.  I'm screwed.  NO!  Not... bad thought, don't
even think about it.  I've got to find a way out of this.  Molly's very...
friendly and all, and she's got all the right curves in all the right
places.  An excellent woman to spend the night with, but...  Succubus
actually, not a 'woman.' And that's the problem.  She'll steal my soul, in
exchange for the pleasures of the bed (tick free beds even).  Not an
entirely fair trade.  Even if Molly actually doesn't have to take my soul,
as Ariana said, how do I *know* whether she will or not until it's too

	Wait.  Ariana is among my fellow Amberites who glared at Molly and
I because they want to talk strategy with no strangers present (not that
it seems to have stopped them, or that they didn't bring their own
'strangers').  They gave up trying to get me to get rid of her.  And then
Ariana tells me Molly is a succubus, who'll steal my soul if I sleep with
her.  Definitely putting a damper on my enthusiasm for Molly's presence. 

	On the other hand, I've never known Ariana to lie to me, even
when...uh...she was imprisoned.  Or after, despite the fact that she was
not happy with me concerning the details of her imprisonment.  I have no
reason to believe she would begin now, just to satisfy, essentially, a
whim.  After all, strange long halls are not good places to discuss
strategy, anyway.  If everybody's in on the plan, loyally, then long halls
are the perfect place, of course, but not here.

	I'd rather we discuss the strong resemblance of our tablemates to
family.  Jackie especially looks an awful lot like Caine.  Bartholomew
said they aren't related, but she's disquietingly similar to Caine, and
Bartholomew could be mistaken...  Hel's minions!  He wouldn't!  It's the
perfect way to hide that he didn't die...but how?  And why come here?  And
I don't think Caine would have acted that way, even in disguise.  I don't
think...  How, when, would he have gotten to know these other locals, to
become friends with them, anyway?  No.  But it certainly is weird for him
to...disappear, and then Jackie looks so much like him. And, if I'm not
careful, I might disappear as well, my soul will at least.

	OK, I'm fine now.  I have to actually sleep with her, apparently,
before she'll take my soul.  Why would she want to do that?  She can
choose to or not, she doesn't have to.  Why would she?  For having sex
with her?  Then why flirt with me now?  Greatest night with a woman, might
lose my soul.  It really isn't a fair trade.  Just a tempting one.

	Well, I've got a little time to figure a way out, we haven't gone
anywhere private, yet.

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