Well, now, the Lord of the Hendrakes himself.  No need to worry
about whether or not Hendrakes are after me for stealing Bartholomew's
grandfather from them, or for helping to get the rescue party into
Daraways.  I think killing their Lord definitely qualifies me for their
list of enemies.  Fortunately, I suspect, the clan isn't likely to do
anything in strength for some time now, if ever.  I can't imagine very
many of them survived a day and a half of battle.  It's just too bad I
couldn't get back to him and help Ariana kill him.  Or Shard, actually.  I
wonder how he showed up, if I couldn't get through the fighting.

	That was the longest, biggest battle I've ever heard about. 
Nothing like the blustering, skirmishing fights with the Kaldskryke clan
back in Rimmersgard.  This was...  a war on one field, sort of.  Actually,
that's true.  The Chaos army is completely shattered and in no condition
to continue the war on any front.  The war is over in one confrontation. 
They certainly were persistent, to carry on so.

	The only drawback to fighting an entire war in a single battle
seems to be the need for only a single celebration.  No opportunity to
celebrate every little successful skirmish and confrontation properly. 
Sorta takes some of the reward out of fighting.  Hmmm, but at least Amber
and its people... we are safe now, that's what's truly important.  And
hopefully no one can threaten us like that for some time at least.  It's a

	I wonder if Benedict means to continue me as a captain in Amber's
forces.  That might cause a few problems onboard Caine's...  Hel.

	Damn...Where is he?

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