I hope this sudden attack is successful, quickly.  Or else
Benedict sends a few of the reinforcements to strengthen our company.  The
size of the company was arranged around a quick raid after all.  Attrition
will eventually render us incapable of preventing enemy flanking maneuvers
in a protracted assault...Perhaps some fortifications to reduce losses.  I
could station men here, and over there, and some back at that last
fight... but that would mean they could pin us down and we'd only be
maintaining a limited line.  They could simply go around us by keeping a
distance...  Better to stay mobile, at least while the night can hide
us... or any sneaking our fortifications.  Ambushing and driving potential
flankers back to their lines seems to have convinced them to give up
flanking the rai- army... at least for the moment.  Mmmm, it's time to
move to new cover, so they won't know where we are...  Wait... never mind. 
Will you bastards never learn?  We're just going to ambush you again if
you try to move through there...  Hmmm.  This time let's hit 'em from the
left, a little closer in.

	Look at them scurry back to their lines.  I can't understand why
Caine didn't want my help with the serpent.  Obviously I can handle myself
in battle.  I have been since I was 10, after all.  How did he think I
made a living before I came here?  Just because I haven't done much
fighting in Amber doesn't mean I'm incapable.  I've kept myself in form
for the last six years, after all.  He's been in Rimmersgard, he knows
what it's like.  We spend all summer driving out raiders trying for our
"riches" and many winters fighting other clans for the better grazing
lands.  He should know I can handle a fight, even with a monstrous sea
serpent.  I wish he would trust me.  Benedict obviously does, now.

	Enough of that.  We've got work to do... it is nice to work with
professionals for a change, much more efficient.  No confusion either. 
Ah, here we go again.

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