Felix reports the Rebmans found no body.  Caine must have gotten
clear, at the last.  He always does.  He always has a plan for such
things.  He had a plan.  He must have.  He's safe somewhere right now. 
It'd be nice if he'd let me know, so I wouldn't...  have to start recovery
operations or something.  Bastard.  He had a plan.  Had to.  That's why
it's been so hard to get back at him for those practical jokes; he always
knows how to handle any situation.  That's why he ordered me to abandon
ship.  Has to be.  He wasn't prepared to use whatever gimmick or trick he
was going to use on me.  Yea, that's it, he had a way out the whole time. 
Still coulda told me about it, though.

	Well at least we appear to have won this battle.  The armadas of
Chaos have been forced to retreat.  Not that I got to contribute to the
defense of Amber.  My first official chance to help repel an invading
army, or navy actually, and the ship is taken out in the first skirmish. 
With a giant sea serpent, not even an enemy ship.  Five years of learning
about ship to ship warfare in modern vessels, and a Loki-loving sea beast
crushes the ship first thing.  Caine orders me to abandon ship!  Aye,
Captain...  That's about the only good thing that happened today, if the
vile beast hadn't attacked us first, it might have taken out several other
ships in the fleet before Caine could take care of it.  By all the gods of
Asgard, some day I will actually help Amber.  Preferably before Rag-...

	...*snort*, this is Amber, though.  Asgard... well, I didn't have this
problem back when I believed in Asgard, when I lived in Rimmersgard.  I
was the one they relied on to take care of our enemies.  Especially the
bears.  I could have been the clan commander, if it hadn't been for the
fact I would have been lynched shortly thereafter for being too
successful.  The son of a giant!  Not quite.  At least I don't have to
lead young boys to their deaths in defense of our home here.  Just the
royal family and our professional soldiers fight.  Well, some get to fight
more than others.  And some die here, too.

	He had to have had a plan...

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