Caine keeps telling me to never trust a relative.  I should have
considered that a familiar face at Dara's would be a relative, well, sort
of, but it was so damn unexpected...  I saw a face spying on us.  I felt
immediately that the spy must be killed, to prevent him from raising an
alarm.  Since we were intruding into the home of Dara, herself.  I felt
excessive speed and quiet in dispatching the bastard were duly called for. 
Without even truly thinking I moved toward the spy, trusting that my
fellow Amberite guards will notice my departure and take appropriate
back-up precautions as quietly and quickly as I had.  Never trust a
relative.  Shard and Driscoll are cousins.  Even if that wasn't what Caine
meant, I see that it applies in that kind of situation as well.  Florian
was the only one to try to do anything.  But, once I moved and realized
that the face was familiar, of course I wondered who it could be, there,
in Dara's.  I should have taken precautions then, like Caine says. 
Foolish me, I have a mystery and a need to solve it quickly.  I proceed. 
To kill the spy, if I'm mistaken, or find out who's in Dara's house, if
I'm not.  Do I think this means traitors?  No... well, it would have been
good to know if it had been, anyway, and I still would have had to
dispatch them.  Do I consider that "Ahab" works with Dara, and thus might
be here?  No.  Idiot.  So I continued blithely.  Gods pre-... ahh... the
Unicorn preserve me from my own stupidity.  Chaos is not the place to be
slipping up like that!

	...Damn!  Chaos... it could have been one of those shapechangers they
have there too.  So, now, here I am, unconscious, hopefully in Amber,
where I must trust my relatives to remove "Ahab's" commands.  May he bleed
from ten thousand pins stuck in him one at a time.  May all he eats 'til
then turn to dung in his mouth.  And may I have the pleasure of breaking
every bone in his body one at a time...  Aw, hel.  Caine'll be so proud of
me, trusting in relatives again...

	The funny thing about this is, this time I left Bartholomew in the
lurch.  It wasn't my fault, so it's not really the same, but it's amusing
considering our "talk" just after agreeing to go along.  And he was the
one who had to send me back, heh.  Since I couldn't leave due to "Ahab's"
final command before *he* left.  Damn him, we really must find him and
punish him.  Not to mention, get the shards back and restore Ahab, who
hopefully will never try the same tricks on us again like... whoever is.

	I think I'm finally waking up, I feel a tingling in my face.

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