Well... at least now I have a chance of defending Amber directly
for the first time.  On the other hand, I'll be among the forward elements
of the defense, unless something changes.  It's possible that we will be
the only elements defending Amber from the invaders.  Amber is apparently
compromised with Fiona controlled leaders, and since she 'listens' to
Ahab, I doubt a significant resistance will be mounted at the castle. 
Anyone wanting to defend the castle would have to leave and defend at a
distance, like Shard and I.  And Julian, whom I presume is still free of
'influences,' since he is still planning a defense and wouldn't let Shard
go back to the castle to rescue Laughter.  I wonder if Caine is still free
and defending the seas?  I'd rather join him and fight out there.  Somehow
I suspect Julian does most of his fighting on horseback.  Damn, I don't
know how I can know Caine is himself without risking contact with him.

	This is frustrating.  I can't go back to that shadow and recover
Ahab to put a stop to this whole mess, I don't know if it's safe to join
Caine, and I can't go back to the castle for the same reason, Laughter or
not....  That was odd of Shard.  I'm under the impression that Laughter is
Foster's girl, and Shard may have denied it, but he definitely said she
was his girl.  And he insisted on rescuing her.  I really don't think it
was necessary, she ought to be capable of walking out of Amber as easily
as we did.  Then his worry about saving women, while generally valid,
didn't seem to extend to Ariana or Flora and such, just Laughter.  I'm
glad Julian forced Shard to stay here, I was not looking forward to going
to Amber just now.  Perhaps I should mention it to Laughter, or maybe

	Unbelievable.  Bartholomew drags Shard and I through the forest in
the rain searching for Barnabas, who undoubtedly wants to be in the
company of Amberites about now, brings us to the other side of Arden, and
then trumps out.  And I might have to thank him for keeping me out of the
castle!  If he hadn't trumped out on us before, I'd only be a little put
off, but twice now in a few days is becoming a habit.  I think we need to
give Bartholomew a lesson in bad habits, especially if he continues with
this one.

	Mmm...  Maybe Julian has some prisoners I could use to... ah

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