Well, we're off.  Though Driscoll is in charge now.  Ahab seems to
have taken the change in command well.  It does make sense, after all, to
have the Crown Prince in charge of such an important mission.  It's a
chance to see if he is effective or not.  And to see how he handles a
command, what kind of leader and king he'll make.  It should be
interesting, even without traveling to a bizarre Shadow to find a shard in
what will undoubtedly be a fascinating locale and rescue Martin's body
which will be oh so willing to be rescued when we find it.

	I hope the rescue doesn't actually turn out too...noisy.  I had
enough of that yesterday.  What with Bartholomew popping in and out,
acting mysterious, and Foster and Laughter waking everybody up with their
little fight.  What were they thinking?  If they want to fight, fight. 
But they didn't need to toss lightning in the castle halls.  One of them
must be really pissed.  That's a serious wish to hurt someone.  Whoever it
was, was lucky they missed, and nobody wandered by, like a sleep walker or
something.  OK, sometimes you need to make noise in these kind of
disagreements, but throw pots, or mugs at each other.  Much safer, but
satisfying as well.  Not that that would have been any better for me,
after drinking so much yesterday.  But at least I wouldn't've thought we
were under attack and rushed out into the hall ready for battle.

	But now, we are on our way again, to, if not battle, at least
adventure.  It's good to have something to do again.  Yesterday was...
well, not really boring, but... felt like I was just killing time all day. 
Blasted dragon.

	But now, on to the struggle for the shards; much better.

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