Well, *I* feel better now, anyway.  Nothing like some good
exercise to take your mind off your troubles.  Now, if I could only
continue to ignore them.  Mmmm, working out with Shard on the practice
field has made me thirsty.  Fortunately, I should still have a half-barrel
of ale from Rimmersgard; that will go down nicely.  I wonder if Shard
would like to join me?  I bet he's got a few aches that he'd like to
forget now.  What ever possessed him to get out of practice?  Heh, I
wonder what the Unicorn thinks of sparring as a means of achieving a
"peaceful" state of mind?  He'll just have to accept my style of peace as
necessary from time to time.

	And yet trouble remains.  We still have not obtained all the
shards of the Jewel.  And they must be melded if we Amberites wish to walk
shadow again.  Now, in addition, somehow, through tech, Martin has lost
his body, and somebody else has it.  Not only distressing to Martin, I'm
sure, but who knows what someone's doing with his body?  I can't imagine
anything good.  Then there's that dragon.  Odin, that's galling.  To be
ordered like some common animal, it's... embarrassing.  If I thought there
had been any hope of killing it, I would have, but aside from catching it
unawares, with a lot of luck, I can't conceive of how one warrior could
take the monster on, and survive, much less kill.  And I certainly wasn't
in a position to catch it unawares.  Those eyes...  And it was already
preparing to breath dragon flame, far too late to do anything then.  Damn
him, and all dragons to... to the Abyss!  Bah, not that I had any support
from anyone else.  We might have been able to take it; though I suppose we
would have lost a large portion of the party, starting with me, so I guess
it's for the best that they all backed down.  They can't blame me for
backing down too.

	It's just...

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