That bitch.  She shot me through the shoulder!  That did not feel
good in the slightest.  And she dodged my shot.  I was beginning to think
maybe these pistols were kind of handy, but they're just like a sword, of
course, it works both ways.  Pistols are just faster.  No way of stopping
them, or at least deflecting them like a proper blade.  I definitely
prefer a proper fight face to face, where skill and planning count for
something.  Not these Technological weapons where luck seems half the

	Ah well, at least Ariana kindly healed the gaping hole in my
shoulder.  Obviously magic can work both ways as well.  That pistol might
come in handy too, if I ever go back to a tech-whatever shadow again. 
I'll have to bring it along.  I don't think I'll plan such a trip soon,
tech also seems responsible for whatever happened to Martin.  Something to
be avoided as much as cursed magic pools.  Hmmm... tech and magic seem to
be awfully similar;  they do the same kinds of things, and they're both
unnatural.  I wonder why everybody differentiates between the two.  In
fact Driscoll's shadow had both forms.  Tech must just be another form of

	On the other hand, Ahab's explanation of Driscoll's shackles
didn't sound anything like other explanations of magic I've heard. 
Interesting, sort of.  More interesting was the similarity of that bitch
to Laughter, and a little like Driscoll too, which isn't too surprising. 
I had thought I heard that she hadn't any children of her own.  But that
would explain why the bitch was so good, inheritance of the family skills.

	Anyway, I am not going back to that Shadow, with that dragon

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