When it snows, it storms.  First, disappearing Patterns and stolen
jewels, and now that Trumpless Trump to a strange Shadow and flying
swords.  All in a matter of days.  What's next?  Bad fortune comes in
threes, so it won't be anything good.

	Actually it was a good thing I ended up in the same Shadow as
Bartholomew, as he seemed to have lost his Trumps as well as his clothes. 
He would have had an amusing walk back to Amber, er, Rebma actually,
otherwise.  I wonder where he got to.  He still has my cloak.  Not that
it's my best cloak, but I seemed to have been luckier at cards wearing it
when I play Martin.

	Martin.  Thanks, now Sequence is after me as well as Bartholomew
and, apparently, you too.  Heh, at least it considers me to be less
deserving of attack than the other two.  I can't believe Martin tried so
hard to force it to swear off hunting Bartholomew and then decided he
couldn't tell if it was lying or not.  I hope Driscoll has better
foresight.  Actually, I thought we had a better plan: confine it, get
Laughter, she verifies its pledge, release it to her.  Of course, there
were three interruptions.  First Martin apparently gets a Trump call,
which could have been Laughter, so I don't know why he wanted to be
knocked out.  He must have some nasty enemies.  Then Ahab shows up
demanding to know why I was knocking out the King's son.  I can understand
that though, I thought it a bit odd myself.  That started a general
mayhem, which was about to be resolved when finally we apparently all make
one sudden, massive, involuntary Trump to random Shadows.  Well, anyway,
at least Sequence has returned to Laughter by now, I should hope.  I guess
all we can do now is hope Laughter can convince Sequence not to harm any
of her relatives.

	...but at least now that I'm armed and armored against Sequence or
whatever else happens, maybe the Hendrakes will attempt to lay siege to

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