Well, finally, I'm getting the manpower to begin this war.  I hope
some of these men are capable leaders.  It would be best if the leaders
are among the most experienced.  Since those that join us this early are
likely the most eager, they'll gain the most experience, just by staying
longer and joining more often.  This war will last many years if we are to
hold recaptured lands for more than a few months.  I won't need a huge
army, but I will need an effective one, and that requires good leaders to
command where I cannot.  Hm...I must be careful not to maintain a
permanent standing army, else it will not be "Rimmersgard's Army," but
mine.  And that is not the point, yet.  If Ragnarok is coming, maybe I am
the one "god" to restore the universe, as some claim will happen.

	But all that is for the future.  Right now, I need at least 300
men to obliterate Zenin and destroy any retaliation the Romans may
attempt.  And since the men need time to keep their own homes and feed
their families, more must join us to replace those that must return.  This
war may last a generation or more, care must be taken to safeguard the
families and clans, to survive and prosper and expand into the recaptured

	Generations.  I will have no difficulties living here for as long
as it takes, but what of Amber?  I am sure they will call when there is
need.  All those magics and disruptions in Shadow are beyond me to
understand.  The disruption here will be my worry, my problem.  'Course,
if I had my Trumps, I could do both.  Damn and blast that hedge-wizard. 
Just who is he, anyway?  He certainly seemed more than he appeared.  After
all, he seemed to know about Trumps, that is, more than a normal
Shadowite.  And if he is more than a resident of my Shadow, I can't use my
influence over the Shadow to find him.  Maybe I should try.  I'd learn
something either way.  Or I could try to use the amulet he gave me, see if
it can do anything.  Perhaps when I'm less busy training men to be apt
warriors.  Can't wait too long, in case he is a Rimmersman and dies, of
old age if nothing else.

	I wonder how long it will be 'til Thor shows up again...

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