Thor be damned.  Those Romans are better disciplined than they
appear.  Bloody useless waste of time.  Hel's minions.  Well, it wasn't a
complete waste.  I have a much better idea of these Romans.  Without
significant losses.  Any losses are too many while there are so few of us. 
I must find a way to encourage more men to join us.  There is no way
40-some warriors can defeat the soldiery of an empire.  I may have to
alter the Shadow.  I wonder if it's possible to raise more men without
alerting whoever's tampering with Rimmersgard that I'm working on the
Rimmersmen's behalf?  It would have to be some general effect that wasn't
specific to Rimmersmen, and yet still not help the Romans.  This may take
some thought.  In the mean time, spring is here, and the clan will need
every hand available for crops and their herds.  Which will also mean the
Romans can bring in reinforcements if their military isn't bogged down in
officious paperwork.  I can hope, I suppose.  The question is, how many,
as well as how long before they get here?

	They must know that the attacks have been perpetrated by less
than...oh, a hundred, if they're conservative, which means they likely
won't send more than 200, if any.  After all, there are 200 here already. 
If I can acquire just 300 or so men by the time any reinforcements arrive,
I can obliterate the reinforcements and Zinin.
	And that will start to cement Rimmersgard to the cause of freedom.

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