Damn him to Hel!  Does he really know something about Trumps, or
is he lying?  Why can't I tell?  I don't remember Rimmersmen being so hard
to read.  I usually had some inkling of whether they were lying to me or
not.  But then, he is some sort of hedge wizard.  And magic users all seem
to be pretty good at hiding their emotions.  I wonder if Vix uses magic? 
Anyway...I think I'll believe him.  After all, if I understand correctly,
the way to satisfy his desire for Sif is to do something I want to do
anyway.  Rimmersgard must be rid of these new Romans.  And that requires
very strategic battles in a well-planned war.  Success ought to show him
that Sif blesses Rimmersgard with her presence, once more.  Of course,
what he probably wants is for the Romans to be gone, and believes that the
return of Sif is the only way he'll ever see their backsides.  Either way,
he gets what he wants if I lead Rimmersgard to victory over these Romans. 
Then, if he's not lying, I'll find my Trumps and be free to deal with
whoever has been influencing the natural order of things here in
Rimmersgard.  If I'm real lucky, whoever will show up and attempt to
defend her legions in Rimmersgard.  I'll be able to resolve this matter
even quicker.  Especially if she doesn't know I'm behind it.  To that end,
I should limit influencing the Shadow with Pattern, as I seem to have been
able to feel changes in the Shadow, and she probably can as well, since
she seems to be similarly influencing it.  Damn.  Well, this could be fun

	Just so long as my gracious host isn't lying.

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