Well, no real need to go looking for excitement or bizarre
happenings.  Won't need my Trumps for that.  Just right here in Amber, and
it'll come to me.  Finding a strange woman wandering the castle during an
alarm...who then turns into a damn fox so fast she actually gets away
before I can brain her.  Damn thing ran fast, too.  There wasn't any kind
of spell, or warning, or anything.  I might have been able to counter a
spell, or caught it while it, she, whatever, changed.  Not to mention
catching up only to see Vetch carry her off into a wall.  I wonder what he
did with her?  He wasn't using his magic to bring her to Benedict, since
he should have gotten to Benedict before I did, in that case.  What would
be the point of using fancy magic if it actually took longer to get where
you're going?  He must have done something with her.  Her?  Yeah,
definitely a her, I think.

	Amber is going to Hel.  The Shadows are going crazy, difficult to
manipulate and full of storms, squalls, and wars and such.  Strange
woman/foxes are showing up right in Amber, apparently bent on death and
mayhem.  Not to mention, yet another cousin shows up out of Shadow and
drags the King, no Regent, away from his duties.  Not that I blame him,
but the timing is just awful.  In my opinion, at least.  Caine thinks all
this ruckus is just another resettling of the Shadows caused by the
Unicorn itself being killed.  And the Serpent, I suppose.

	Yeah, right, and what about the locals attacking me?  You can't
blame that on the Shadows.

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